Sunday, October 24, 2010

As Changes.........

As changes within me continue to alter my perception of not only myself, but also with how I interact with others, I seem to be creating a stir of emotions in friends that sense the difference in me.
Spending more and more time on my own, walking and content in being still and quiet has me retreating from the 'normal' connections with others.
Strolling along blissfully exhilarated by the world around me, I find that I no longer wish to waste my time doing.
More than ever now I just wish to walk, no need for unnecessary chitchat or the socially acceptable interactions one is expected to indulge in.
Eating out in a place full of noise now has no appeal to me.
Quietness invites me to investigate myself further keeping me wholly enfolded within the pulsating rhythm of The Universe.
Simplicity, silence and the loving force of God within is all I require.
With each day that passes the transformation intensifies taking me further away from the way of the world and into the arms of God.........

1 comment:

Natalie said...

It is sooooo inviting isn't it?

I think the trick though is to be in the world, but not of it.
When I master it, I'll give you a yell.....or maybe I will contact you telepathically to reduce trauma. :)