Monday, October 11, 2010


Alone, a simple word, yet one that conjures up all sorts of desperate images of failure, rejection, exclusion, abandonment. Living your life alone seems to be something that people are afraid of, some, clinging to dysfunctional relationships in a hopeless attempt to ensure that alone is something that they will not be.
I find living alone liberating, freeing, embracing. I have learnt a great deal in my solo sojourn, as it has given me the ability to meet myself.
Furthermore, it has given me the space to reunite with God, to realize that I am never alone, no matter where I walk or what challenge has surrounded me propelling personal growth, I was supported, am supported, loved and embraced by Divinity.
But the same is said for those who you hold dear in your heart, whose Soul has connected with yours and no matter how many miles separate you, you are One, joined forever in the province of your hearts. Once in the heart, forever in the Soul, it is a coupling that can never be broken.
In reality the same Sun bestows its Light upon both of you, regardless of geography, and, by simply retiring to the haven of your heart you are together, and if you are still enough, I know you can even feel their heart beating.
As I stroll the sandy beaches with the wind thrashing through my hair I understand what an entourage accompanies me on my journey, and how impossible it is to be alone. As well meaning friends aim to solve my aloneness for me I retreat further into the immortal.
The realization of this has liberated me.
And as I meander through my moments I understand with intensive clarity that to be Still and Trusting is all I am required to do. To return myself to my inherent beliefs and feel my way forward without the interference of ego, to simply Trust, that what will be, will be.
For in the surrender of letting go of all outcomes, no longer projecting a path, a destination, a prize, you will find that all you ever need is with you all the time................

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