Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yesterday I had one of my rare jaunts into the city to meet a friend and her children for lunch, a chat and a meander.
This garden has been added since I came in last, which was last year just before Christmas.
I really like the way stones and steel mesh was utilized to make some of the garden beds, it inspiring also to see vegetables used as a feature inner city garden.
Strolling through the still quiet streets was nice, watching the people around me as I headed towards my favourite shop.
Sitting on the floor of the book store to inspect the range of Portuguese to English dictionaries I narrowed down my choice to three possibilities.
Took me ages to choose, but I did it in the end.
Next stop, lunch...............

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luksky said...

Love the city pics. Even though I love the peace and serenity of country life, my heart belongs in the city. My goal is to have a condo at the top of a high rise building where I can look out and see all the hustle and bustle of life.