Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Waking to the sound of howling wind, the rain thrashing against the window, I feel drawn to go walking in the zealous weather, to feel the wind whipping through my hair, feeling Gods Love swirling around me with unbridled passion.
The cathartic effect of a storm penetrates me, deeply clearing the residue of the past from me.
Sensing the omnipotent presence of God within me as I lay listening to natures chorus serenades me, embracing me with the purity that quivers in the heavy cloak of the night.
Miraculous changes are taking place within me, uncoiling like a sleeping serpent twisting its way free, purging my essence.
As the wind softens to a hushed whisper, my eyelids grow heavy once again with the promise of rest waiting, calling me to return to the enchanting realm of my dreams...................

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