Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Strolling along in the ambiance of the setting Sun.
A near deserted beach, a warming breeze rustling through my hair as the salty water cleanses my feet. Walking along I feel lifted, elevated, hurtling towards the clouds as they saunter across the evening sky, taking me closer to the truth of myself, towards the infinite Love that encloses me.
We do not always sense this Love, sometimes I know in my own private journey of awakening, the sense of separation and loneliness has been too unendurable to contend with as the feelings of disconnection were too intense to bear. I craved to be seen, to be heard in the totality of who I am.
I realised today that what I had been searching for was intimacy.
Intimacy with God.
Intimacy of such a profound intensity that nothing else would be required, as the return to the embrace of God, is to return home.
Walking in the mellow afternoon glow, drawing deeper into myself, I began to unravel the coils of armour that I had wound around my Self, the layers that had built up over years as I found my way home.
As the shroud of heaviness fell from my shoulders, so too did the pressure of its weight. No longer required, yet still it had held fast, clinging to me in a desperate measure of keeping me locked in the prison of the sleeping, the ego trying again to induce me into unconscious behavior, especially now as I move closer to a new way of Being.
To step out of my mantle and into the Light is taking more boldness than I thought I had. To walk this path is to turn away from so much, to see through the illusions of the material life that surrounds me, and the pointlessness of it all.
Nothing happens by chance, each encounter is given to us for a reason, the purpose may not always be clear, not at first anyway, yet if you listen hard enough, you will begin to hear the call.
When something happens that changes your perception of the world as you understood it, when all logical explanations fail to solve the rapture that has been presented to you, emotions so extraordinarily fierce in their passion that you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer euphoria they give you, unable to explain how this could be. The summons is silent, yet it screams to my heart to follow, to trust, to believe.......................

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