Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Standing At The...................

Standing on the knoll gazing into the abyss ahead of me, watching the stream of Life flowing in an unwavering current disappearing into the distance. Falling towards the darken recesses of the past, fading images of myself tumbling away from me, vanishing from my sight, from my reality.
New vitality gushes towards me, promises of revitalisation dangling on the vista in front of me, new vibrant shoots of auspicious opportunities rising, birthing my destiny with untainted precision boldly enticing me to fall into the absolute trust of my faith.
In the recent past the hurdles that lay before me loomed like towering goblins shackling me to a version of my story that I had grown past. Resisting of course had me struggling against the restraints that held me bound, tightening their grip, pulling me down deeper into the void of suffocation that was giving my ego the much needed fuel to encourage its war against my Soul.
But now I stand tall, powerful in my intrinsic trust that I Am the scribe who pens my fate, connected with unrelenting dedication to my ability to trust God. To know with unshakable conviction that Love will lead the way......................

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