Monday, September 27, 2010

Spending Time..........

Spending time in stillness today contemplating my Life has seen my energy level out. I had experienced a little unbalancing during the last week or so, dealing with new intense vibrations that have entered my life which had me a little off centre.
Luckily though I am able to view this, sensing shifts and reading them as they are happening, which alleviates me getting too off track, and these hiccups always serve as a reminder to maintain the destination I have in sight.
Being in God
With that said I know that the changes that are taking place are vital for my unburdening, as the more I release, the more I grow.
As I look to move into my new house I am clearing more and more stuff, I have a need to cleanse on such a deep level, this weekend saw me once again packing my car with items that I no longer want, which is very liberating. All I need I have within, and I sometimes feel that the closer I become to myself the sneakier the ego becomes at playing games which it hopes will return me to the path of old.
Stopping to take time when time is required, to read my actions thoroughly always brings me home to myself, to God...................

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hey lady - i so know what you mean about letting go of things - i'm also in the midst of a move - a pretty major one cross-country - and in the process have done what you are doing - it's always such a good feeling though when we do that inner cleansing and letting go, lightening our inner load - hope you've a glorious day!