Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sitting Down..........

Sitting down to wait at a sidewalk cafe I settled back to watch the world go by.
The trees still bare from winter allowed the soft morning sun to burst through when it slipped from behind the clouds, warming me as I waited.
It is funny how one changes, how not long ago the thought of sitting in a cafe alone was enough to make sure that I kept walking past, not giving the idea any serious consideration, now though I sit, contented and confident, feeling surrounded by a divine embrace no matter where it is I venture.
We gave the little people the task of finding a place to eat, they decided on sushi.
Great for everyone else but I found that even the vegetable dishes tasted of fish, which made me feel quite ill, so I ended up ordering a bowl of plain rice, much to the amusement of the little people.
After a stroll through shops and the various department stores I asked a stupid question.
Anyone for ice cream?
The answer, a loud yes!

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