Sunday, September 19, 2010

On Our............

On our way back to the car we came across five random things left, forgotten by their owners to wait until someone rescued them from their abandonment.
The chair was the funniest we thought, we discussed why someone would have bought a wicker chair to the beach in first place, we were sure that many people would be amused at seeing it sitting there.
Next we came across a bucket, which actually came in handy for Little Angel as she had collected so much treasure that not only our hands were full, but, our pockets too. So home it came with us.
Then a towel left hanging on the fence.
We thought that is seemed odd to have taken the time to place the towel on the fence only to walk away and leave it there. Little Angel said that whoever did it would have been in trouble from their mum, bless her, she was probably right.
A ball, we guessed that this had fallen unnoticed from a bag as its owner walked up through the deep sand towards the car park.
Not knowing that it had been lost until they got home.
And last, but not least, a pair of flip flops. It would never be me to leave footwear behind I told Little Angel, as soon as I hit the rough surface of the car park I would have wanted to put them on instantly, the soles of my feet like only the soft surfaces of sand and grass.
I, I declared would have missed them in an instant..................

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Natalie said...

People are funny aren't they?
Sounds like you had a nice weekend. ♥

wv= trod on