Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not Too........

Not too long ago I had been trudging along my path weighed down with heavy shoulders, carrying the burdens of past moments, adjusting to new living arrangements and a bare canvas waiting to be painted.
Today's walk was a time of reflection, a brief moment of recognition of my path, and of the life I had chosen to live.
I realized today that I had been lifted.
Lifted from within, by my own hand I have left behind the written and stand poised and ready to create my new tomorrows with no projection just complete trust in the spontaneity that converses with my Soul.
Being aware enough to see the signs along the way has assisted me in my surge of inner growth. Of being trusting enough of my own intuition to act when my heart directs.
A new perception has transformed my world, this has been emphasized after a period of physical cleansing, purging my body of all that had endeavoured to keep me locked in the banal world of routine and order.
Stepping into the vibration of Joy has seen everything change, all that is no longer required, just slips away.
I do not analyse, I just accept, that when you hear God speak, nothing can ever be as it was before.............................

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