Monday, September 20, 2010

Next On Our......

Next on our agenda was a walk around Lake Joondalup, being very mindful to watch out for snakes that would be now waking after hibernation we set off to see what God had in store for us today.
It was a beautiful morning, although still brisk, so we were both glad that we had decided on wearing woolly hats to give us that added extra warmth.
Miss M's hat was another of my gifts to her, which had not left her head since I had given it to her, bless her heart.
We spent half an hour looking into the shallow water around the jetty to see if we could spot a long neck turtle in the water. Unfortunately we did not see one, but we did enjoy a morning of many other divine encounters.
It was peaceful watching all the water birds bobbing along on the peaceful current, apart from the wind it was virtually silent, such a tranquil way to begin our day.............

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