Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss M.....

Miss M had asked for the bushland to give her some treasure to take home and decided that a piece of paper bark lying on the ground was the perfect gift.
She was very careful not to tear it any more than it already was as we headed back to the car.
Stopping to talk to this Siberian Husky though proved to be the end of the paper bark, as Miss M put her hand out to stroke the dog, the dog grabbed the bark in her mouth much to Miss Ms dismay.
All was forgiven though as we enjoyed a few moments of happiness with this extremely sociable dog.
As we continued on our walk Miss M asked that the bushland give her a colourful gift, to replace the destruction of her piece of bark, all of a sudden we both looked up to see, two very colourful parrots in the tree above us.
Ask, and ye shall receive.............

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