Monday, September 06, 2010

I Was Asked...............

I was asked today where do you come from, meaning what nationality am I.
Without thinking about it I replied, I'm from everywhere.
I have never felt any affinity to the country of my birth, right from being old enough to remember I always felt that I came from the Sun, or The Universe, or God.
I feel more at home in nature, whether it be walking by the ocean, strolling through a garden, or taking time to commune with fish, it is here I belong.
To the vastness around me, the trees, grass, flowers, sky, animals, insects, pebbles.
God is us, therefore to me it seems somewhat odd to say that we come from a particular country when in fact the Us that we truly are is timeless, ageless, endless.
How can a Being such as that come from one place?
The deeper I return to my truth, the inner home where the calling of my heart encourages me venture further into the warming chambers of my Soul, the more I see how my perception has altered, shedding layers of the old Gemel as I blossom out into myself.
Into the divinity that I too Am.
I Am a part of All There Is.
And the All That Is is apart of me.
From the ripples on a still pond on a warm spring day, or the fish that swims up to nibble my finger, all of it, every single minute molecule is connected to God, and God is me, he is you, he is the fish too.
God is everywhere.
Which means that I am everywhere too, always have been and always will be..................

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