Sunday, September 12, 2010

As I.....

As I awaken, pushing through the layers that had kept me locked in the world of the sleeping I am greeted by the company of Angels.
The gift of their presence fills my heart as I merge anew.
The weight of my story left behind in the sludge that drips from my body, as I rise naked, purified.
This day is fresh, untold, it holds the vibration of creation on the beams of the morning Sun.
The mystical melody of chimes break the hushed silence of the morning, my quivering heart echos the serenade, filling me with gratitude of this moment.
I need not take anything with me from my yesterdays.
I make my way bare, unburdened, as I know that new vibrant clothes will be presented to me as I walk forward further away from the dark void I emerged from.
Take nothing with me I am told.
It only hinders your way.
Move with grace into the Light that awaits you.
As I soar within the chambers of my own joyful heart I realise the need to unload all that is unnecessary in my Life.
Shed that which is not used as it only impedes my progress.
The past, possessions, those who no longer are current actors in my Life play, shed and be Light.
The lesson is Light.
Be Light
Eat Light
Live Light.......

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