Sunday, September 12, 2010

After A...........

After a leisurely start to the day I went to the local markets for my weekly shopping.
I like to take my time at the markets, lazily wandering around and watching the passing parade of people.
The heady aromas of spices and incense transport me to another place, another time, I felt myself loosing all sense of reality as I slowly filled my basket.
As I drove home I felt a growing need to cleanse my self and my home.
Clearing the way for fresh tomorrows.
Starting with my meditation room I moved everything out and just sat.
Feeling the way forward with my Heart.
Transformation means shedding.
I found myself removing everything apart from my singing bowls, my healing crystals, two plants and my massage table.
It felt instantly Lighter, open and inviting.
Paving the way for me to work with the new energy that has seeped into my Soul.
I still feel a deep sense of change coming, perhaps I am Lightening the load in preparation for that..............

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