Sunday, September 19, 2010

After Such A Busy.................

After such a busy morning it was off to the Wanneroo Markets (more to google) for lunch and my weekly shopping.
Miss M decided on Subway, while I had some dahl and rice from Maya Masala.
After lunch it was time to peruse the market stalls, while I stopped to chat to one of my friends Miss M was busy looking at all the special treasures in her stall.
We both had fun stroking the many fluffy rugs in this stall, Miss M being very taken with this collection, so much so that she said that she could stay there all day just feeling the softness of them. We decided that no matter how much I liked them, they were not practical to have in my house, Tarmie would be forever playing with it or chewing it. No it is wise for me to stick to practical flooring.
Setting off a chorus of wind chimes sent Miss M into a fit of giggles as we headed towards the food market.
Shopping done, it was time for refreshments before going home to change and going to the beach for the second time today.................

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