Thursday, September 30, 2010


Even the clouds were smiling with LovE today.......

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Strolling along in the ambiance of the setting Sun.
A near deserted beach, a warming breeze rustling through my hair as the salty water cleanses my feet. Walking along I feel lifted, elevated, hurtling towards the clouds as they saunter across the evening sky, taking me closer to the truth of myself, towards the infinite Love that encloses me.
We do not always sense this Love, sometimes I know in my own private journey of awakening, the sense of separation and loneliness has been too unendurable to contend with as the feelings of disconnection were too intense to bear. I craved to be seen, to be heard in the totality of who I am.
I realised today that what I had been searching for was intimacy.
Intimacy with God.
Intimacy of such a profound intensity that nothing else would be required, as the return to the embrace of God, is to return home.
Walking in the mellow afternoon glow, drawing deeper into myself, I began to unravel the coils of armour that I had wound around my Self, the layers that had built up over years as I found my way home.
As the shroud of heaviness fell from my shoulders, so too did the pressure of its weight. No longer required, yet still it had held fast, clinging to me in a desperate measure of keeping me locked in the prison of the sleeping, the ego trying again to induce me into unconscious behavior, especially now as I move closer to a new way of Being.
To step out of my mantle and into the Light is taking more boldness than I thought I had. To walk this path is to turn away from so much, to see through the illusions of the material life that surrounds me, and the pointlessness of it all.
Nothing happens by chance, each encounter is given to us for a reason, the purpose may not always be clear, not at first anyway, yet if you listen hard enough, you will begin to hear the call.
When something happens that changes your perception of the world as you understood it, when all logical explanations fail to solve the rapture that has been presented to you, emotions so extraordinarily fierce in their passion that you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer euphoria they give you, unable to explain how this could be. The summons is silent, yet it screams to my heart to follow, to trust, to believe.......................

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guarding The Ball............

Guarding the ball seems to be a shared task, yet when it comes to guarding my shorts there is only one contender. Madame P. There was no way anyone was coming in between Pixie and her prize, bless her wee soul, she sat watch over them for hours, just in case anyone tried to steal them away. Never a dull moment in my house thanks to three very unique and comical cats..........

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spending Time..........

Spending time in stillness today contemplating my Life has seen my energy level out. I had experienced a little unbalancing during the last week or so, dealing with new intense vibrations that have entered my life which had me a little off centre.
Luckily though I am able to view this, sensing shifts and reading them as they are happening, which alleviates me getting too off track, and these hiccups always serve as a reminder to maintain the destination I have in sight.
Being in God
With that said I know that the changes that are taking place are vital for my unburdening, as the more I release, the more I grow.
As I look to move into my new house I am clearing more and more stuff, I have a need to cleanse on such a deep level, this weekend saw me once again packing my car with items that I no longer want, which is very liberating. All I need I have within, and I sometimes feel that the closer I become to myself the sneakier the ego becomes at playing games which it hopes will return me to the path of old.
Stopping to take time when time is required, to read my actions thoroughly always brings me home to myself, to God...................

Whatever Waits........

Whatever waits around the corner for me

God is already there........................

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What A Better Way.............

What a better way to end my day than to have a ride on a Harley!
With a borrowed jacket and my own "pink" helmet, which incidentally caused a lot of excitement with other family members, especially given the fact that I was dressed in red and orange.
I was told that I did not fit the "normal" bikie chick look.
They said that it looked like a hippie was riding pillion!
Well, really!
As I prepared for the ride I took time to acknowledge the monumental aspect of the moment.

The owner of the bike is overcoming a rather savage form of cancer and for us to see him so full of life and spirit is uplifting.

I was as giddy as a two year old.
For me, being on the back of a bike is totally liberating and freeing.
I am apart of all that I pass, not en caged in a metal box, I am part of the picture, feeling the wind, smelling the world as I pass it.
Being in God, feeling like I am flying..........................


The Time Has Come.............

The time has come to begin my search for floor coverings for my house.
This seemed as good a place as any to start. Not really knowing what it is I wanted I wandered around looking at the endless possibilities of vinyl, ceramic tiles, laminated wood, carpet, bamboo, slate and real wood flooring.
Oh my, where to begin!
With so much to choose from I was a little flustered.

Taking my time though I started to narrow down what is was I was looking for, and the look I wished to achieve.

The first one that really captured my attention was this laminate.

I liked the feel and the natural look of it, so, after receiving a quote I spent the rest of the morning browsing as many different flooring specialists as I could to see what else stimulated my interest........

Having A...........

Having a sedate stroll around another of my soon-to-be local parks was a great way to begin my day.
The duck folk as always warmed my heart as they came to see whether I was the bearer of food. The day had such a summery feel to it, no wind, just warming morning Sun embracing me as I walked in God. Sitting for a moment to enjoy the ambiance around me, listening a variety of birds singing in the trees ensured my Soul rested for awhile, closing my eyes I became one with All, feeling the radiance around me. A special someone said to me recently that instead of living in a place that has places to go, one only ever need visit one place, the place within. As I sat here today I realised that I have reached a place of acceptance, that I have the place to go here with me all the time. In my heart I have all I require, a wealth of inspiration and Love that seeps out attuning me not only to all that I pass, but, to All That Is...............

Spending More.........

Spending more and more time alone is taking me to another level of Being.
A place of intense inner communication with myself, and, God.
Sitting in the stillness and silence of my heart takes me home, allows me to nestle within the embrace of The Universe, protected, in peace, in LovE................

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not Too........

Not too long ago I had been trudging along my path weighed down with heavy shoulders, carrying the burdens of past moments, adjusting to new living arrangements and a bare canvas waiting to be painted.
Today's walk was a time of reflection, a brief moment of recognition of my path, and of the life I had chosen to live.
I realized today that I had been lifted.
Lifted from within, by my own hand I have left behind the written and stand poised and ready to create my new tomorrows with no projection just complete trust in the spontaneity that converses with my Soul.
Being aware enough to see the signs along the way has assisted me in my surge of inner growth. Of being trusting enough of my own intuition to act when my heart directs.
A new perception has transformed my world, this has been emphasized after a period of physical cleansing, purging my body of all that had endeavoured to keep me locked in the banal world of routine and order.
Stepping into the vibration of Joy has seen everything change, all that is no longer required, just slips away.
I do not analyse, I just accept, that when you hear God speak, nothing can ever be as it was before.............................

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quiet Time............

Quiet time with Tarmal is always therapeutic, the sound of his purring fills my heart with joy.
His beautiful face radiates the innocence of Angels.
He is unconditional love

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teach Only.....

Teach only Love
And learn that Love is yours
You are Love................

Just When............

Just when we thought we had been given enough precious encounters for one day we were given two final gifts.
Firstly I noticed this tiny butterfly on a flower.
Miss M said it was the smallest butterfly she had ever seen, she was utterly joyous as we continued our walk back to the car park.
With the car in sight we came across our last amazing discovery.
This wonderful caterpillar.
Because there were lots of joggers and bike riders around so we decided to protect it as it made its way very slowly across the pathway.
Once safely of the path we watched as it headed to safer ground, away from human feet and the hungry birds surrounding us.
There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning, a perfect end to a perfect walk in God...................

Then As If.............

Then as if by magic two amazing things happened.
First a new piece of paper bark was found.
And this butterfly spent a few minutes bonding with Miss M.
There was something rather mystical in this moment time stopping as God wove a cocoon of magic around us.
All sounds from the bushland folk ceased as we connected with the butterfly, as if all were aware of the divine encounter taking place.
A sacred moment that shall remain treasured by both of us..............

Miss M.....

Miss M had asked for the bushland to give her some treasure to take home and decided that a piece of paper bark lying on the ground was the perfect gift.
She was very careful not to tear it any more than it already was as we headed back to the car.
Stopping to talk to this Siberian Husky though proved to be the end of the paper bark, as Miss M put her hand out to stroke the dog, the dog grabbed the bark in her mouth much to Miss Ms dismay.
All was forgiven though as we enjoyed a few moments of happiness with this extremely sociable dog.
As we continued on our walk Miss M asked that the bushland give her a colourful gift, to replace the destruction of her piece of bark, all of a sudden we both looked up to see, two very colourful parrots in the tree above us.
Ask, and ye shall receive.............

Stopping To Enjoy..........

Stopping to enjoy the view and the warming caress of the Sun, we sat under a tree in silence taking in the grandeur around us.
Venturing down to the waters edge Miss M made another interesting discovery.
The grass was growing under the water.
Another natural wonder that lead us once again into deep conversation..............

Paper Bark Trees........

Paper bark trees were the next to capture our attention.
They are soft to touch and the bark peels away in strips, blowing in the wind as it hangs on, sometimes by just a tiny thread.
These trees seem to thrive in the water, I am not sure if they are a member of the gumtree family, another thing to look up, so I could answer the many questions from a very inquisitive Miss M.
I know that the aboriginal people use the paper bark to create paintings, and perhaps they may use it for medicinal purposes too, not very knowledgeable about such things, I was simply impressed with Gods ability to create such an abundance of variety in this one tiny pocket of the globe............