Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Wander Around........

A wander around the Saturday market at Fremantle cleared my mind after the visit to the travel agents.
The aromas and sights before me tantalised my senses.
I especially adore the smell of the coffee bean stall.
Rich and tempting flavours hung seductively in the air, titillating my taste buds.
The rhythm of soft music added to the ambiance as I browsed the lanes admiring the wares in many of the stalls.
With my tummy rumbling I decided it was time for lunch. And found the perfect place. Settling with my plate at a quiet table I enjoyed my lunch watching the passing parade of people. Then out of nowhere these three turned up and stood next to where I was sitting eating my lunch, I enjoyed the remainder of my meal as they sung a selection of Beatles songs which only enhanced to the creative flow of my day.............

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