Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today, Part 2.............

Already feeling happy after the first half of my morning I was invited to lunch by two of my other special people.
So it was off to The Rose and Crown Pub in Guildford which is near the Swan Valley (another place to google!)
It was a glorious afternoon so I had a stroll around as I waited for them to arrive, enjoying the second warm day in a row.
When they arrived they called me to their car as they had something for me.
A bag full of fruit and vegetables, another gift.
Again, I was dumbfounded.
We sat and soaked up the warm sunshine, chatting and watching the other people around us.
Just enjoying life......


luksky said...

To receive we must must have been doing alot of giving!! I would say with your inspirational words if I had to guess. ;-)

Gemel said...

Bless your heart, thank you ♥