Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today, Part 1..........

Today has been an unique day.
As all days are..
Firstly I met up with one of my special people for breakfast, we hadn't seen each other in awhile so I was looking forward to having a good chat and catching up on what was new with them.
I was actually taken aback with the gift of this plant, which I was told if it stayed with them it would die, it needed someone to love and nurture it.
Which is me, it will join the rest of my indoor jungle.
How lovely it was I thought as I placed it in my car with care.
That would have been enough, but then....
I was given a bag full of money, all the money out of their piggy back, which actually made me laugh.
I mean who gives money away?
Obviously this friend!
They knew that I had been off work ill and being casual meant I had no money coming in, it was the first of two such gifts this weekend.
Having hidden this treasure under my hat in the car we went to eat a yummy vegetarian breakfast before going up to have the weekly look at what is happening at my house.
I was surprised to see that the front of the house had been rendered to give the appearance of limestone blocks, and even I had to admit, it looks okay.
The windows are in also which means that soon I will only be able to peer in through the windows as the inside is completed. Some of the second coat of plastering has been done also, which leaves things like the cupboards and bathrooms to be put in. I am beginning to think that I may move before January, as there really doesn't seem that much left to do. Oh my god, that means packing! Even the sand has been placed in the double garage out the back which indicates that the concrete will soon be poured. Guess I ought to start looking around for floor coverings, window treatments and paint colours......

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luksky said...

Love the plant! I have an affection for foilage...

Your home is coming along great!! I'm so excited for you as I read along in it's progress. :-)