Friday, August 20, 2010

Seeing Myself..........

Seeing my Self in all my uniqueness as I begin the return journey home has illuminated the true essence of this person called I.
Previously I had assumed that I had found my way, yet now as I tread softly upon the path ahead I realise with inner clarity that the time for my returning has only now entered my story.
Standing alone, surrounded by Light, I now know that my call was heard.
I listened to my heart.
I trusted my intuition.
I acted with purity.
I connected with my Soul.
The Universe knew the time was right, it orchestrated with infinite precision the reconnection of trust.
My trust, in myself, to listen without interference to the calling of my own heart.
Perhaps we are all Angels, who have forgotten to fly.
I know that suddenly I feel the power of an Angelic presence within me.
Supporting and caressing me with unspeakable love.
I no longer have feelings of separation.
Of loneliness.
I feel the essence of heaven resides within my Heart, within my Soul.
I have awakened to the power that has slumbered inside waiting for the exact moment to reenter my Life.
Reaching out over the realms of silence I offer myself to God
To the Angel who has answered my call

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