Monday, August 30, 2010

My Yoga Mat.........

My yoga mat means two things to different occupants of my house.
To me it means time to strengthen and connect with God and myself.
To Pixie and Tarmie it means, playtime.
The first fun part is the rolling out of the mat.
They both always appear when I go into my meditation room, just in case I get it out.
Then Tarmie usually tries to keep up as I run through a few Sun Salutations.
You have to admire his dedication!

Then Tarmie goes back to join his sister, where I imagine they have a conversation about how stupid I look doing various poses whilst trying to not step on one of them, because they have this annoying habit of moving to where one of my feet or hands is intending to go. Ti's an exercise in patience let me tell you. Then as I was cooling down in preparation for some floor work Tarmie decided as he always does at quiet time to run around and around in a circle.


God only knows!

It all got too much in the end so I gave up!

Thought that a spot of meditation was a better option today.........

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