Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking Around......

Looking around me I ask, what is this all for?
This life I have created for myself?
These things that surround me, what do they mean?
Why do I have them?
Having crossed the boundary of what I previously would have considered impossible, I now question the destination in front of me.
Everything that I need is within my heart, it is with me always.
The other stuff is of no importance, it has no hold over me.
I am not separate from the keeper of my heart, because I feel him, with every breath I take, yet, in physical terms we are continents apart.
Being centred and still I have gazed around me today, at where I live, what I do and at the immediate road ahead, and I realised that none of it means a thing.
It is here, but it is not me.
I am not connected to the illusion that surrounds me, only my body is here, in spirit I dwell in another place entirely.
Within me I feel a calling, a whirlwind churning around my body, its energy is causing a shifting, it is creating, directing me towards where it is I will go.
I feel a change coming, there is an awareness of great movement headed my way.
I feel as if the life that I know and live now, is to become a distant memory.
How can I explain this feeling, all I can sense is a surge of energy that pulls me silently towards it, each beat of my heart deepens the connection.
I have always followed the direction of my Soul, yet this time it is different, something monumental is taking place within me and I know that by listening and watching for the directions as they appear will be the only way to know where it is Destiny will lead me............

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