Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've Had Times............

I've had times in my life before when life flowed.
One mystical moment leading to another.
In these periods I was always open, working with The Universe clearing myself of layers that had ceased to be of use to me.
Now though, I find myself somewhere new, yet it is like visiting an old dear friend.
My journey has always been about finding out who I was, from a young age I always felt that I was somehow different, that life seemed harder than it should have been.
I had no one to ask for guidance, as no one understood what it was I was asking, as they, were content in the reality they had.
Suddenly though I am bare.
Void of the camouflage that I once hid behind.
Now it is with an open heart and a quest for unity that I stand before my Creator, with no projections, no demands, just there.
Feeling as naked as I do in this spiritual surrender has given me a bounty.
I had no conception of the prolific bequest I would be granted, that after years of self tutoring in my quest for enlightenment I had not only found my way to the temple I sought, I had gone in.
We all seek a unique destination during our term on Earth, and not all of us even wish to search for the meaning of life, many sense there maybe something out there that calls them, but, that is as far as it goes.
What made me continue was the feeling of profound disillusionment.
Of being lost.
After a year of immense transformation in all areas of my life, unexpectedly I was sent a message that transformed my life.
A simple comment that altered my world completely.
We don't see the waves of energy that weave their way through our lives.
Often we don't understand the subtle signals we are given as triggers to point us homeward.
I listened, and I answered, for I knew instinctively that it was what I needed to do.
Nothing happens by chance, as all life is a miracle, you just have to hear the whispers on the wind, or feel the warmth of an unseen embrace to allow yourself the clarity needed to respond with your heart.
I had forgotten my heritage, I had ambled off the track a little attempting to fix my loneliness, trying to manipulate the Universe into fixing my emptiness.
Which only sent me scenarios that where not in line with my personal vision, no matter how hard I tried to make them fit.
However, all I needed to do was to trust, myself and God to show me the way home.
An to be still enough to listen to the faint symbols along the way......................

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Nancy said...

I definitely understand what you are saying here. I feel that you and I are kindred spirits in so many ways.