Monday, August 23, 2010

Can You...........

Can you sense the love in the beauty of a full moon?
Can you feel the rhythms of love beaming towards as you stand gazing at its radiance?
Within the clouds, fragments of God linger, wafting along silently above us beating to the same pulse as our own heart.
Connecting us, One to All.
Walking along the beach, your feet caressed by the waves, God once again mingles with you.
He is in the wet cool sand beneath your feet, he is in the water that splashes over your legs as you splash through the water, his essence infiltrating every cell of your body.
He is everywhere.
He has the ability to reunite Souls.
To join them in the realms of their hearts even though they are many miles apart.
The intensity of this love may render you dazed, mute as your human understanding struggles to comprehend its possibility.
But it is real.
Feeling this inhabitance within your heart, you know with complete certainty,
that Love is All there Is.
That miracles happen.
Love has found you.
His gifts are bestowed upon us in endless ways.
From the beauty of trees alight with the hues of Love.
To leaves lying on the ground, waiting to return to the cycle of existence once again.
Love never dies, nor does it engage in the games of the ego, there is no room for the ego in the heart that has merged with the Love of God.
Every minute of your day you are with God.
In God.
There is nowhere you may go that he is not present, it is up to you though if you wish to radiate to the calling of his Light.
It is up to you to renounce the way of the ego and the games and trappings it offers you.
There is only One way to Live.
The way of the Heart.
Open to and receiving the boons of our inheritance in every waking moment.
It is only us who imprison ourselves with echos of our past that keep us confined to an ego based life of struggle and manipulations.
It is only us who can set ourselves free.
To walk in the Love of Gods Light.
Just as animals do.
They have no egos.
They have no ulteria motives for manipluating others, for playing games or causing pain.
The live fully present to each moment.
They feel the presence within them...........

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