Thursday, August 19, 2010

As I Stand...........

As I stand on the threshold of a new tomorrow, it is with complete trust in my destiny.
It's the calling of my Soul that I follow to answer the yearning of my heart.
Suddenly time has no meaning, time you see is irrelevant, has always been, yet, the more disconnected I became the more focus I place on this man made measure.
God has no use for time, for dates or for age, it is the humans that created these illusions to track and to imprison themselves with.
Looking around me at those that I interact with and those who simple pass me during my days I realise just how asleep many are, blissfully unaware of the power each of them holds to create a meaningful life, instead of being caught up in the drudgery of the material life, working their life away until the day they retire, then, perhaps they may begin to live....
There is only one pathway before me now.
The pathway home.
A returning to the other part of my Self.
As my body adjusts to the energy that renews me I realise the need to be still, to rest, to sleep.
The blankness before me is exciting, I have a direction, a goal, a destination, love.
All is perfect.
All is as it should be.
I know that all I require will appear when the time is right, I guess I had been trying too hard to make things happen, it wasn't until I gave up manipulating that the real magic entered my life................

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