Monday, August 23, 2010

Apart From..............

Apart from Pixie's love of my shoes and the gas fire.
The love of her life is Tarmie.
Tarmie was offered when I was wondering if Pixie would ever begin to adjust to a loving home, so traumatised was she that I had concerns that her scars were to deep to heal.
Enter Tarmie, who, was a tornado of mischief from the get go, but, who also bonded with her as a mother figure.
With him close by her side she now lives outside the closet doors.
She ventures to look outside, into the wilderness of sounds and smells that tease her curiosity. They are all gifts to me, all three of my cats. Yet to watch these two in particular really does highlight Gods love to me. For they simply radiate the frequency of love continually. Whether they are playing or just watching the world go by, they do so by the way of the heart.........

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The Creek Cats said...

We can see how much they love one another. That is so wonderful!