Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unconditional Love.....

Unconditional Love is forever present everywhere.
It is just that most of us stopped loving ourselves, therefore we fail to see the Light of Love in everyone and everything that surrounds us..............

Today Saw...........

Today saw the return of the rain.
Cool, fresh, delicious, purifying rain.
There is something hypnotic in the sound of rain as it patters against the rooftops and windows, the gentle rhythm entrances me, soothingly it relaxes me as I drift deeper to a place of profound calm.
The soft grey clouds full with their moist offerings loom overhead, floating along in flow with the tempo of the wind.
Puddles form, leaves dance, branches of trees hang heavy with the water laden weight they carry.
Walking back to my car, water trickling down my face, feeling the touch of God as he intimately fuses with me, caressing my skin with steamy droplets of natures wine that invoked a sacred moment of communion............

Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Of............

Feelings of sheer amazement fill my Soul.
Feeling the Light within me and the Light that surrounds me.
From far away it weaves its way towards me, coiling around me, enchanting me with its translucence.
Speaking directly with my Heart..............


Today began the first of my Portuguese lessons.
I like to stretch myself, learn new things, and I always wanted to learn another language.
The teacher, a phrase book which comes with a dictionary and a CD that I found in a travel shop.
My plan is to have it on as I drive in between my clients houses, seeing I spend so much time on the road I should be speaking and understanding Portuguese no time!
Shall keep you posted on my progress...............

My Yoga Mat.........

My yoga mat means two things to different occupants of my house.
To me it means time to strengthen and connect with God and myself.
To Pixie and Tarmie it means, playtime.
The first fun part is the rolling out of the mat.
They both always appear when I go into my meditation room, just in case I get it out.
Then Tarmie usually tries to keep up as I run through a few Sun Salutations.
You have to admire his dedication!

Then Tarmie goes back to join his sister, where I imagine they have a conversation about how stupid I look doing various poses whilst trying to not step on one of them, because they have this annoying habit of moving to where one of my feet or hands is intending to go. Ti's an exercise in patience let me tell you. Then as I was cooling down in preparation for some floor work Tarmie decided as he always does at quiet time to run around and around in a circle.


God only knows!

It all got too much in the end so I gave up!

Thought that a spot of meditation was a better option today.........

Sunday, August 29, 2010

And So..............

And so, after a day that was jam packed full of great conversation, wonderful company and unexpected gifts, I begin to wind down and prepare for sleep.
Being in the moment without projection, without expectations is such an inspirational way to live.
Living in grace, feeling the presence of God in each moment, whether it be relaxing with my cats, reading a book or enjoying a walk along the beach.
Knowing I do all these things in God and with God makes everyday a miracle.............

Today, Part 6............

Reaching Hillarys Boat Harbour I sat for awhile and just watched the unbroken grace of the ocean.
The sun shimmering, sending shafts of rainbow light to dance upon the undulating waves as they rolled towards the shore. Cleansed, revived, and wet, I headed home. Sated within having spent another splendid day in God......

Today, Part 5.............

Doggy heaven.
I really love this part of my new walk, the dogs are all so well behaved and sociable.
No fighting, just a whole bunch of dogs having a whole lot of fun.
Some go in for a bit of long distance swimming. Others, well they are not quite sure if they really want to go in the water at all.
And some use a different approach altogether, being dragged in by their owners, who seem to think that swimming is going to great fun, you'll love it.
Not according to this puppy!
He got away from being dragged into the water and took off at a sprinters pace, closely followed by its screaming owners.
Which made me laugh out loud...............

Today, Part 4.........

And here we are again back at Mullaloo Beach for my daily wander.
I am becoming mindful of the walk to the beach its self now as the warmer weather will be waking up the native reptiles who flourish in the sand dunes, and most of the local snakes are deadly therefore advisable to avoid an up close and personal encounter with them as they are coming out of hibernation.
Wasting no time in getting my feet into the soft sand and the waiting sea water I rushed down the steps to the calling of the ocean. Every time I catch the first glimpse of the ocean I feel the same. So invigorated, alive, fully present. I feel so free, and so incredibly connected to God when I walk on a beach. A few more humans frolicking in the sand and enjoying their first swim of the season. But I was not really interested in the humans. I was off to the dog beach again........

Today, Part 3.....

After lunch I drove back towards home, feeling very blessed to have three such beautiful people in my life, and rather full from two delicious meals in one day.
Not to mention taking photographs whist driving, which is properly illegal, okay, I won't mention it!
So much happiness in one day and it was still only early afternoon, which meant one thing.
My beach walk............

Today, Part 2.............

Already feeling happy after the first half of my morning I was invited to lunch by two of my other special people.
So it was off to The Rose and Crown Pub in Guildford which is near the Swan Valley (another place to google!)
It was a glorious afternoon so I had a stroll around as I waited for them to arrive, enjoying the second warm day in a row.
When they arrived they called me to their car as they had something for me.
A bag full of fruit and vegetables, another gift.
Again, I was dumbfounded.
We sat and soaked up the warm sunshine, chatting and watching the other people around us.
Just enjoying life......

Today, Part 1..........

Today has been an unique day.
As all days are..
Firstly I met up with one of my special people for breakfast, we hadn't seen each other in awhile so I was looking forward to having a good chat and catching up on what was new with them.
I was actually taken aback with the gift of this plant, which I was told if it stayed with them it would die, it needed someone to love and nurture it.
Which is me, it will join the rest of my indoor jungle.
How lovely it was I thought as I placed it in my car with care.
That would have been enough, but then....
I was given a bag full of money, all the money out of their piggy back, which actually made me laugh.
I mean who gives money away?
Obviously this friend!
They knew that I had been off work ill and being casual meant I had no money coming in, it was the first of two such gifts this weekend.
Having hidden this treasure under my hat in the car we went to eat a yummy vegetarian breakfast before going up to have the weekly look at what is happening at my house.
I was surprised to see that the front of the house had been rendered to give the appearance of limestone blocks, and even I had to admit, it looks okay.
The windows are in also which means that soon I will only be able to peer in through the windows as the inside is completed. Some of the second coat of plastering has been done also, which leaves things like the cupboards and bathrooms to be put in. I am beginning to think that I may move before January, as there really doesn't seem that much left to do. Oh my god, that means packing! Even the sand has been placed in the double garage out the back which indicates that the concrete will soon be poured. Guess I ought to start looking around for floor coverings, window treatments and paint colours......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

All This Walking.......

All this walking makes a girl hungry.
Having made myself some vegetable tacos, with some soy cheese and avocado I decided that I was going to spoil myself tonight.
So I had a picnic, on the settee while I listened to music.
In a word.

I Thought.................

I thought with all these beach walks I am doing, maybe it would be a good idea to give you some landmarks so that you could google and then you will know just where I am going to on these lovely springtime strolls. First place to start, Perth, Western Australia, the worlds most isolated city, a long way from anywhere, and, not a great deal to do or see, apart from these endless beaches that go for miles and miles. The beach I currently use as a starting point is only four minutes, by car from my house. Mullaloo Beach is named after an aboriginal word which means, place of the rat kangaroo. I have yet to see a rat kangaroo, or any kangaroo on the beach. The place has been humanised, I doubt if there is a kangaroo in miles of here, which is a shame. But thats progress! From here I use to head north to Ocean Reef Beach, but, found that this was becoming too easy so now I head south, on a longer and more interesting route. My aim is to walk to Hillarys Boat Harbour which is a pretty good work out. Don't ask me how far it is, for now though, it is far enough! Hillarys got its name from an early settler Bertram John Hillary (1895-1957) This is turning into a history lesson for me too, I had no idea about this stuff prior to writing this. In between Mullaloo and Hillarys is a dog and horse exercise beach which was the highlight of my walks the last couple of days. (But, seeing that these are yesterdays photos, I went camera less today, so no happy dog photos.) Anyway, I found it so amusing watching all these happy pooches swimming, running, playing, rolling in seaweed and just being, well, dogs! The funniest part was watching the owners throwing balls and sticks into the water and expecting the dogs to go and get them, only for the dogs to sit down and just look at them, or run off after another dog. Hilarious, I had a few hearty chuckles to myself as I walked past. So much more entertaining than a people beach that is for sure. As is normal for this time of year the only other locals out in force were the seagulls.
Like me they know a good day for a quiet stroll when they see one......

Changing My............

Changing my direction I decided to walk further yesterday.
Enjoying the first warm day I even walked in the cool water as the waves broke along the shore.
Walking alone for hours sometimes, takes me closer to Heaven.
My mind clear
My heart happy
Peaceful and at One with All.
I could walk for most of the day and never would I tire of the beauty here.
No two days are the same.
The ocean is always changing, as do the sands.
Like me.
Transforming and expanding.
Clearly I see my life now. The complexities of nature assist me in unravelling the blossoming essence of myself. Each day cleansed further from the pain of the past. Unburdened Light Free Realising, without reservation, that I am never alone, is liberating. I do not worry about aloneness at all anymore. For dwelling in the confining projection of separation had kept me captive for far too long. Now though, I walk in God, with God always Therefore, I never walk alone.................

Friday, August 27, 2010

Walking In God...........

Relaxing Tarmie Style.....

Relaxing Tarmie style means hogging the warmest spot in front of the gas fire.
Being annoyed when his sister wakes him up in an attempt to play. Oh well, thinks Pixie. I guess I will just enjoy the warmth of the fire instead.
And some quiet time with Tarmie
Too cute for words
I was filled with such warmth as I watched them
Unconditional love

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labrador and Dolphin

The Simple Things...........

The simple things in life bring a smile to my face.
Like...... Finding Tarmie in the silliest of places and watching him as he tries, with limited success to get out a very tight situation. Of picking a bunch of flowers from the garden, knowing that their arrival brings Spring to me soon. Or watching a tender moment exchanged between two others. A precious sighting of true love.
Best of all.
Getting into bed at night with my three feline companions already settled for the night...........