Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have You Ever?

Have you ever looked at a photo and seen it throb, as if it were alive and not just an image?
Have you ever looked at a photo and been lost in the eyes gazing before you?
Have you ever wondered, why, you are so far away from those you are most connected to?
Have you ever felt such a surge of remembrance that you feel totally bewildered at what is happening?
Have you ever looked at a picture and known, that you too, have been seen?


This has been my greatest lesson, to learn to accept that which will be, and that which will not.
To understand that however painful, or heartbreaking the challenge may be, it is to be felt deeply within the essence of My Self.
Learning from the difficult lessons of my life has made me Who this human is this day.
It has taught me not to hide from the emotions of suffering, but to open into them, feeling the sorrow and the tears, embracing the rawness that they nurture within.
For it is from the harshest lessons that I have been gifted my most profound growth.
Therefore from the deepest sorrow, I have found the greatest Love.......

Waking This Morning.........

Waking this morning I felt as if I had just awoken from a long deep dream.
One that I had been locked into for a very long time.
As I woke I felt a total sense of connection, not only to my self yet to the Angelic realm from which I had just departed.
Last night I entered into a meditation using 11.11 energies which are now present in our earthly realm, and, on waking I felt that I had brought this vibration with me.
Angels linger, I feel them.
They are present in the words of another.
I sense within me my connection to a Soul many miles away, one who has spoken with such gentleness and purity that my heart was filled with such thankfulness to have been given a chance to remember the way home.
Surrendering to the flow of the river is the only way to find my way home, for I have learnt in the recent past, that to manipulate the will of The Universe does not bring my hearts true yearning.
Yet, to allow what will be, to actually be, has given me a boon of sacred connection.....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pathways To Surrender........

Pathways to surrender often come in the most random ways.............

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sometimes a moment of stillness will bring clarity to a restless heart.
Quieting the mind cleanses the Soul.
Allowing your vision to clear, giving you a clear view of the path ahead.
Waking up to the Divinity of who you really are can take time, but, once seen, you will not look back. Instead you will gaze through the eyes of another, with clarity and openness. Reminding yourself that it is okay to rest for awhile when needed. Giving yourself time to revive from the denseness of reality and expand into the interconnectedness of All That Is..............

With My.........

With my hand on my heart this morning I sat.
The stillness of the morning caressed me, teasing me with its infinite knowledge.
As the cool breeze blew through the open window it sent tingles down my spine.
I felt the closeness of another.
The soft touch of a warm embrace.
The intensity within my heart subdued me.
Took me to a place of Oneness.
Where in the solitude of Togetherness I joined with the Other part of My Self.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking The Time.....

Taking the time to reconnect with myself.
To find the inner jewel that slumbers within.
To remember with clarity that no one is separate from the wisdom of the Universe.
That when the time is right miracles will happen, changing your world in an instant.
The Light of the Universe pulsates everywhere, it has the ability to heal, restoring the angst within those whose hearts have grown weary.
Taking the time to Be, just sitting at peace and in tune to the rhythm of your own heart.
A whisper can be carried on the wings of an Angel.
Its message may change your perception of Life.
Quiet moments of solitude will infuse the serenity of your Soul into every area of your Life, thus allowing you once again to return home to the bosom of the Universe, where if visited often enough you will see,
That I am you.
You are me
And although at present we may be apart, in essence, our hearts are already joined.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out Into................

Out into the sunset I gaze.
The lure of the unknown tantalises me with its call.
Walk into the depths of infinity.
Leave the comfort of your world behind.
Allow the spontaneity of creation to unfold into your life.............

Monday, July 26, 2010

And Now....................

And now the roof timber is up.
I am finding that the closer it gets to being completed, the more I seem to back off from the whole idea of doing this.
Okay, it is a tad late for second thoughts, but I have to take into account my restlessness.
I seem to have a deep inner longing that is whispering inside, I am not even certain that Australia is where I wish to live for the rest of this human life.
I long for the northern hemisphere so frequently that I wonder that if perhaps I am to experience another chapter of my life away from here.
Maybe it is because the whole building experience is becoming so daunting, there is no one to share the event with, oh except the cats, not much help are they in practical terms though!
Still, it Is, therefore it is a part of my journey.
One that will lead me towards the next chapter of my ever changing life play.
As I stood here looking into the soon to be kitchen, I did begin to wonder, what will it all look like?
A nice little porch to cover visitors from the weather gives me an opportunity to create a soothing atmosphere welcome them into my home.
Something that will radiate the warmth from within.
I have considered getting stain glass panels made for the side of the front door, to add light, but also a touch of mystery.
My little terrace house is quite cute really, that is if you can call a half built house cute?
There will be a small brick wall built around the front to separate mine from the neighbours either side, which also gives me the opportunity to create a lovely little front garden, adding movement, fragrance and colour which I trust will entice the local birds.
Not long now until the roof goes on, then it will be plastered, the windows and doors put on which indicates the lock up stage.
Then all I will have to do is wait, watching idly as the finishing touches move me closer to moving in.
When all of a sudden the Kilrush episode will begin....................

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Elusive

The elusive Spirit caught napping.
So deeply asleep was he that he did not batter an eyelid as I took these photos.
A precious moment of simplicity radiates the infinite love of the Universe..........................

If There Is...........

If there is a soul mate for everyone, why is he so difficult to locate?
And why am I still alone?
Where is he while I sit here typing these words?
Does he too long for a deep spiritual connection that transcends the mundane 'normal' relationships based on need and ownership?
Is he feeling the disconnection also?
As I write my crown charka tingles, energy oozing into my soul, perhaps a sign that all will come to she who waits!
I have learnt in the past few months that interfering does not work, so that avenue shall not be walked again.
I feel that we have many who come from our soul family to reconnected with each other here on the earth plane, some stay for a moment, others, well, they can stay a lifetime.
But the one and only twin soul lingers out there, somewhere.
The longing I feel for this authentic partner to appear is now, more than ever invited to manifest into my reality.
Maybe it is that I wish to experience the rapture of unconditional love with another human, to express with a knowing, no words required, a deep and true bonding of two halves of the same heart.
As my past disappears into the shadows of yesterday I am able to see with clarity what it is I desire in a companion, it is not just about the sharing, or the company. It is about joining together with love, mastery and with deep appreciation of each other.
Most relationships are based on control and manipulation, many start off with lies, which only indicates that truth is not truly present. Some are unbalanced, where one person opens up and gives from the heart, while the other just takes all that is on offer.
Many are dysfunctional right from the start, as both parties attempt to fill a void within them selves with the attributes of another, only once the honeymoon period is over, their life will once again become filled with anxiety and loneliness.
Love is about sharing, it is about giving.
It is about sharing the simple things, it is about merging with another without wishing to change them.
It is about sharing the sacredness of yourselves so fully that only one heart beats within you both.
The only way to meet each other I now know is to get out there and explore.
Staying in my house each weekend will not assist me with my search, it will only separate us longer.
I have woken this morning revived, refreshed and revitalised.
Perhaps now is the time to Be and to allow my script to become an echo of heaven.
To let go and relax into the destiny of my life, knowing that when ones heart is completely open, only wonderful adventures will happen.........................

Saturday, July 24, 2010

As The Sun........

As the Sun sets this evening I can confirm that my faith in humanity has been restored.
This morning I had the privilege of meeting two new people, interestingly enough, so relaxed was the circumstances that hours just flitted away. After declaring to the Universe that I shall interfere no more, this meeting occurred poetically, orchestrated to happened just at the exact moment. I had decided to give up, I had stated to the Universe that no more would I attempt to manifest relationships of any kind into my life. Having done so it appears, allowed the synchronicity of Now to provide me with one of the most stimulating mornings/afternoons I have had in a long, long time. No awkward silences, no moments of oops, I have said the wrong thing, conversation flowed as did the clouds ushering the Sun towards the horizon. Surrender it seems is the way to invite the new. Even a gift was given, so taken aback was I that I was left speechless at this generous act. Giving is what I do a lot of, yet, it is something that is quite often taken for granted. When one is open to giving, others can take to the point of insulting my honour. As the Sun sinks this still and silent night I offer thanks to the path that I walk and the ability to see the boons that are sent my way.............

I Am Love...............

I Am Love.
We all are Love.
There is no one upon this planet who is not Love.
We all have the free will to write our story, sometimes we require a period of hardship, trauma, pain and anguish to propel us on our way.
Sadly though, we often fail to see the treasure that the difficult times present us with.
Mainly the vibrations of hatred, anger, fear, denial, revenge and rejection take the place of love, in doing so many families live in dysfunction, unable to connect in love, seeing that the past has the ability to heal, if only all are willing to open their hearts........

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sharing Serenity.....

Sharing serenity with Tarmie, Spirit and Pixie quite frankly fills my heart with deep gratitude for their unconditional companionship.
Simple moments of being present to just watch them. Tarmie is presently going through the equivalent of the terrible two's! I spend most of my day telling him, "not for cat's!", this has no effect though, as he just whizzes off in the opposite direction and finds something else that is , not for cats! But the laughter that fills this house because of him is irreplaceable, he is by far the most impish cat I have ever had the honor of sharing my life with. Pixie is still as timid as ever, although, I must hasten to add, since Tarmie has come to join us, she spends much less time in the wardrobe, that in its self is a blessing. She is becoming more tactile too, a sign that she is feeling safe.
I often wish that I could rescue every animal that lives in fear and pain, yet that is not possible I know.
I only thank the Universe for my three companions, and know that not a day goes by without their presence being acknowledged.................

At Last................

At last my little town house finally looks like a house.
The timber for the roof is stacked ready and waiting for willing hands to create the next stage of my new home. Looking down towards the master bedroom window, and if you turn right you will find the front door.
Looking down the passage and out to the double garage at the back of the property.
My mind is creating all sorts of wonderful ideas for the courtyard.
Can you picture this?
A Bail hut sits off to one side where a water feature sits behind it, the water trickling into a small pond. The fragrances of magnolias, orange jasmine and honeysuckle linger in the air inducing a air of tranquility.
On a summers night laying out under the stars, just watching, just being..........
I have a few months left to go before I will be in here. I am excited now, I feel that I may at last be feeling roots begin to grow, for how long? Who knows, and more to the point, who cares. Life is a journey that creates new chapters each day, if only we are aware enough to see the signposts along the way..............

Driving Home.............

Driving home this afternoon after work I was captivated by the tranquil ocean.
The clear waters calling me. The light was reflecting from its surface like millions of diamonds twinkling from the heavens.
And the Sun, oh the Sun mesmerised me further.
I heard the faint sweet melody teasing my ears enough to be heard, but, not enough to be understood.
Perfection stood before me.
God was within every shimmer of this vista.
Stopping to enjoy the magic, to feel the kiss of the Creator takes me towards the end of my day in sheer bliss.................

The Warm Winter Sun......

The warm winter sun seems to have woken a tiny local.
A baby Dugite in fact.
This little critter belongs to one of Western Australia's most deadly reptile families.
I for one was fascinated by his appearance on a particularly brisk winters afternoon.
I am not certain if it was hurt, or just moving very slowly due to lack off heat, anyway I stood and watched his progress for around ten minutes.
I use to run a mile at the mere mention of snake, and would get shudders if I turned a page in a book and there was a picture of one.
I asked the Universe a few years ago to cure me of my dread, and low and behold I was given a safe encounter, which, has solved the phobia.
There is a sad ending to my tale though.
After I thought that the little snake had retreated far enough of the bitumen path I continued on my walk, happy to have seen such a rare glimpse of a usually shy creature.
But, on my way back I was to find that he had been murdered at the hands of another human.
I was disgusted to say the least.
You have more chance of having a car accident here than being bitten by one of the local deadly inhabitants, but that does not stop the brutal and cold blooded murder of thousands of snakes and goannas each year.
I was in total shock at how many humans fail to see the perfection in these beautiful creatures, they are hypnotic to watch as they glide along, grounded far more to our Earth Mother than any other.
Sure if you scare one or corner it you may be bitten, but if left alone they will always slither for cover, I mean lets face it, how much smaller than us are they?
At least I gave him a few moments of pleasure as I admired his beauty and felt connected to another for one precious moment in time.................

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Ellen.............

For Ellen, as I promised.
As soon as I finished chatting to you I got into the car and drove to the beach, whilst you, bless your heart sat at your desk 12 thousand miles away beginning your day, here I was, ending mine!
The dark clouds overhead were highlighted by the soft evening Sun, reminding me of our Sunset vigil at Glastonbury Tor.
A lone gull glided silently above, enjoying the solitude of a winters evening.
The algae covered rocks looked like tiny islands, the emerald green so vibrant against the icy blue of the water.
Mesmerized as always, my eyes feasted upon the aqua field before me.
The soothing lapping of the water drawing me closer, taking me nearer to the waters edge.
Down the path I walked, glad of this time of peace, stillness in the sacredness of nature.
Saddened by the many miles that keep me from my closest friend I found strength in the solitude, somehow the distance faded away as I stood calmly by the ocean. When I contemplate the complexities of our planet, I feel a sense of connectedness with all. The same Sun shines upon us all. The same sands drift throughout the oceans. The waters that lap at my feet today, may, in days to come be near yours. Winds flow the particles of my breath from one continent to another spreading my essence out into the world, joining me with everything it touches. Life is amazing. Life is a gift. Gazing upon this glorious scene, knowing that I was seeing it for two, really did fill my heart with love......................


Porridge is not boring, not now anyway.
I often decided against having the traditional winter warmer for my breakfast as ti was too bland.
Not any more though!
Now I add goji berries, cranberries, almonds, cinnamon, cardamon, mixed spice and dried apricots, cook it in some soy milk, and the result is YUM.
Actually the recipe is as broad as ones imagination.
Banana, apple, currants, sultanas, peach, pineapple.............................................

Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's Ramble.............

Today's ramble took me on a voyage of profound awakenings.
Strolling by the waters edge, the scent of the sea enclosing me, the salty air tranquilizing my body, deeper I loosened into myself with each new step.
The Sun watching and regenerating every cell in my body, restoring the wholeness of myself.
In the past three weeks I have been through an inner transformation, and, it was only at this moment that I actually realised this fact, caught up in too numerous happenings was I, that I failed to see the bountiful internal shifts take place.
But now, here, I feel the obstructions blow away disintegrating in the breeze, carried back to the nothingness of All That Is.
It is apparent to me that I have reach a pivotal point, a place of heartrending growth.
For I see, with utter clarity the progress of my own humble soul.
Seeing past the illusions of life and into the expansive vista that now stretches before me.
I realise that I open myself too fully, share too much, baring too much of my soul which leaves me fragile.
I offer from my heart, giving freely the love and friendship that resides within, only to find that others hold back, only allowing a glimpse of their inner light.
Suddenly within me I know, that now is the time to remain true to myself, to know that my heart will always guide me into the direction of truth, even if my human eyes fail to see the way.
Taking the responsibility to create my life my way is now more relevant than ever.
It is time to reveal the path of honesty, to walk towards my destiny with my head held high.
I realise that I can not prompt the appearance of a soul mate to enter my life, I simply have to wait.
We all long for someone who has the ability to love us without being told, someone who has that magic that speaks thousands of words in a single smile, a caress that can move you to tears with the love that pulsates through their fingers.
I realised that I interfered with the Universes plans as I went searching for a connection of souls, I understand now that although the tenderness shared was indeed a gift, the time and circumstances were not right.

For now I thank the Universe for a time of genuine connection with dear and gentle soul.

I honour the offering of sharing a few weeks of my life with another as he too searched for the one to capture his heart.

There are no mistakes in life, there simple is.

And Is, is all that matters............

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love lurks in........

Love lurks in simple moments like this.
Two souls just having fun regardless of the skins they each wear. Playful and joyfully enjoying each others company, living completely in their Now.
Wisdom comes from watching the innocence of animals.
Seeing with your own eyes the depth of their love, the honesty of their sharing, the gift of the freedom they have to express their mirth in a variety of ways.
If only more humans would take the time to watch, to still their hearts and see the love of all the animals around them........