Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing Could........................

Nothing could have prepared me for being here in the middle of the ocean at dawn.
And what a moment it was, the silence was all encompassing, it embraced me completely, faintly I heard a soft melody floating on the breeze, a song of angels perhaps as they joined in this sacred moment.
Although the water held the threat of wariness, the steel grey waters hid from view those who lurk beneath, yet, even as I sat and contemplated the complexities of nature I knew that all was perfect, all was as it should be, here, now.
Sitting here for as long as I did watching the current create tiny swirls in the water, the hypnotic lapping of the water as it hit the sides of my jet ski held me breathless in a moment of true bliss.
Although there were others with me, I was completely alone with my glorious creator.
I felt his kiss in the wind, his caress as the water touched my feet, his love as the sun rose in the sky.
In a word it was, perfect..............

Saturday, June 19, 2010

So Excited......................

So excited was I to be going out onto the Pacific ocean to watch the sun rise across the open water.
My jet ski waited, my body still aching from my first encounter was wondering whether it was such a good idea.
I did not know if I would have this opportunity to do this again, so yes it was a grand idea.
I don't think that I have ever looked as radiant as looked this morning, I know glamorous is not something anyone looks while decked out in the safety helmet and vest, but it did not matter to me in the slightest, all I wanted was to feel the freedom of zooming across the open waters once more, and the intense connection I felt whilst feeling the spray on my face, the wind in my hair................

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apricot Hues....................

Apricot hues of light danced across the water as the sun slowly began its descent behind the distant island.
The delicate shades of twilight changing like a chameleon, mesmerizing me into a trance like state.
Staring, silently as the night began to slowly creep above me.
To shower me with the angelic essence of starlight once more.
Gathered in sacred stillness.
Quietly I released my prayers to the Creator.
Standing in awe of the simplicity of this moment........
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Waiting for the coach to return to pick us up from the gardens I joined the rest of our party for a refreshing glass of fruit juice and chatted about our journeys in life.
A relaxed setting to rest as the intense heat of the afternoon continued to induce a state of lethargy upon us.........

I glimpsed................

I glimpsed some of the local inhabitants enjoying the sultry afternoon sun. Lost in their own world of deep meditation, no attention was paid to the noisy humans who strolled past.
Seeing the beauty of every creature I encounter is not something I take for granted.
There is no animal, insect, fish, bird or reptile that I find repulsive, I see each of them as a living work of art, created to live in unison with the delicate Eco systems that create our planet.
Yet, before my devastated eyes millions of these creatures are loosing their homes and their lives because of mans misinterpretation that the planet belongs to him.
But what can this tiny frog do to say its habitat?
The power of destruction is in the hands of mans greed and corruption.
I pray with all my heart that mans poison will not tarnish this paradise before me, that this corner of the globe may stay like this always..................

An Ancient Tree.............

An ancient tree beckoned me forward.
The wisdom contained within its sturdy trunk pulsated through my fingers as our bodies met. Feeling beneath me the rising surge of intrinsic power tingling its way through my feet, I was overwhelmed by pure love from the Earth Mother in this Eden I had found.
Gardens hold the wisdom of the Earth.
The secrets of the Universe hidden in every leaf, if only you stop to see the magical world around you.
Others hurried, wanting something to entertain them, unable to see the glory of nature as she encased us with love.
Stilling yourself in the presence of nature can heal even the most broken heart.
She can bestow upon you countless wonders by just sitting on the soft grass, allowing yourself to stop, to listen to the sounds of love as the stillness weaves its web of mystery around you..............

Walking Further Into.............

Walking further into this garden paradise I silently wished that I was completely alone.
The desire to walk in silence was overwhelming, as was the impulse to sit uninterrupted for hours.
It was a place of intense beauty.
Unspoilt serenity.
Sheer tranquility........

Entering The Gardens.................

Entering the gardens was like walking into a living temple.
The energy was softly entwining itself around me as I marveled at the lushness surrounding me. Red cane palms unlike any I had ever seen grew profusely around, surrounded by so many new plant species that I was unable to keep up with their names as our guide took us on our guided tour. The orchids were delightful, delicate beauty adding splashes of colour throughout the gardens.
Standing in the aura of such a peaceful place was relaxing even given the heat of day.
A paradise had been created many years ago, and now nurtured with dedication to this mans passion years after his death was a blessing to see.
I wonder whether such a garden would have survived in the western world?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miles And Miles.............

Miles and miles of sugar cane filled the scene before me.
Endless greenery that swayed in the warm breeze.
My soul opened to the lushness of this wonderful view, the green sucked me in with a pull of deep passion, a longing for times long since lived.
The uniqueness of this terrain drew me into the essence of the land, taking me fully into a instinctive understanding of life.
Untouched by the modern age, its virginal essence flowed into me.
My heart yearned to stay here, to never leave the uncorrupted landscape that filled my eyes with an exquisite longing of returning to a simpler way of life..................


Leaving my island paradise behind me for the afternoon I headed towards the orchid gardens just outside Nadi.
They are located on a mountain side, set up by the late actor Raymond Burr
Driving through the wild country roads as the Sleeping Giant mountain lay ahead in the distance.
You can make out his profile as he slumbers beneath a canopy of clouds.

Keeping Me..............

Keeping me company as I recall my memories of Fiji Pixie and Tarmie remain within touching distance.

Always ready with a purr and a caress, cats really do make the perfect companions...........

Out Of The Shadows..............

Out of the shadows he scurried.
I was blessed to have seen just one while I was here.
I had heard all about them killing the snakes here on the island, but had also been told that I would be extremely lucky to actually see one.
I must say that they are much tinier than I had expected, when an image of the Mongoose came to mind I saw them around the size of a cat.
How wrong I was. Their numbers on this island and around Nadi are so large that there are no snakes at all. I was actually quite impressed that such tiny little mammals could manage to exterminate the entire snake population, but that they have.
Unfortunately once he spotted me he was off into hiding once again, leaving me feeling quite honoured to have been given a short glimpse of the elusive Mongoose...............

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making My Way......

Making my way back to my room to freshen up I happened upon this work of art.
Inspiration spilled forth from this one of a kind chair.
It seemed a shame that it was tucked away hidden from view in a little out of the way nook, personally I think it should be moved to a more public location so that more visitors may marvel at its originality........