Sunday, April 04, 2010

We All Have......

We all have an inner Light within us, trouble is that most of us have forgotten it's there.
Slumbering in the confines of our physical body it lies dormant until a moment of clarity that can set it's fire burning once again.
I know from experience that sometimes the easy road is the one that keeps you trapped in situations/friendships that you know are not beneficial for your well being, many feel it is safer to stay with the life they have, even though it is causing them heartache, illness or loneliness.
Doing the personal work that can set you free is not only confronting, it can also be harrowing as you break the bonds of the past that hold you stuck in behavioural patterns that keeps you entwined in a merry-go-round of dysfunction.
Breaking these chains is liberating in so many ways, all of a sudden you see the path ahead void of control and manipulation, you know that you are the one at the helm, and you are the one who has the final say in all that occurs within your life, you know that you do not need another to fill an aspect of yourself because you have learnt to fill these areas yourself.
To know real love from another, you have to learn to love and respect yourself first, and that is the bravest lesson of all.
I no longer long for someone to fulfill the parts of me that ached with an intensity I felt sure that I would die from the suffering I felt inside me, I now understand that I am empowering my self with each freeing step I take by taking the hard road, the road of personal inner work and healing.
Having realised that the emptiness I felt inside was in fact a bounty, given to propel monumental inner growth, all I had to do was realise this, and then of course act upon it.
All of a sudden one by one the hollow feelings inside have abated as I reclaimed full control of my life, realising that I have to find all that I seek within me first.
Day by day I see the transition from the me I was, to the me I am now, with each new vibrant moment I shine a little brighter as my inner glow buzzes attracting more positive situations and people into my world.
With each release comes a quickening as another aspect of myself is transcended, thus clearing the past away and allowing the new, loving, and exciting to enter................

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