Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She Has............

She has overcome such a lot since Tamal has joined us, now she is a relaxed and happier cat.
In the first few days of Tamal joining us Pixie was so angry that she even snubbed me, jealous at the new arrival she went into hiding,now though, she has learnt that having a baby brother isn't that bad after all.
Everywhere Pixie goes, Tamal goes.
Whatever Tamal gets up to (normally something that he is not supposed to,) Pixie is there watching, and now joining in with his antics.
Seeing them racing around the house is just wonderful, finally they are both enjoying a life of endless playtime.
In just a few short weeks they have formed a loving bond, playing and sleeping together most of the time, which has had remarkable effects on Pixie, she purrs more and hides less.
She is far more sociable now, even to the point where she comes up to sit near me asking for a pat.
Two little angels who are lucky to be alive, now safe and protected..........

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Cathy said...

next they are planning to take over the world :)