Sunday, April 18, 2010


Relationships with others require nothing more than opening up to the experience of experiencing each other.
When you start venturing in the world of commitment you loose sight of the mutual joy and spontaneity that connected you in the beginning.
Love and friendship are simply the joining of two souls who are attracted to the love within each other. When you begin to place conditions and expectations upon the relationship you have lost the magic already. How can you contain and control the essence of love?
You can't.
Love is either there or it is not, you can not talk a relationship into working.
Experience the glory of your relationships, stay where your heart soars and you feel the lightness within. If you begin to manipulate others or situations to achieve a desired result, then there is no love present at all.
Experience the simple pleasures of life and watch love expand around you.
Quiet strolls hand in hand as you feel the Universe surrounding you.
Sitting in silence in the nothingness of everything joins you for eternity.
Sharing the dreams of your desires, openly and with complete honesty.
Long conversations which flow like a meandering stream, taking you both on a journey of discovery.
Taking control, ownership and manipulation out of all encounters with others will ensure that all your relationships are based on truth, which will only enhance the miracle of your life.......................

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