Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dawn Beckons.........

Dawn beckons me once again, gladly I return to the routine of a day shift.
I have missed so much witnessing each new day as it breaks, seeing the Sun as it creeps leisurely into view.

I will be there once again every morning, sensing the awakening of our slumbering world.

With this return to daylight hours I will again begin my evening ritual, one that has been in place since I was a child, of watching the Sun sink ending each day, saying a silent prayer of thanks for the life force it grants us.
Intrinsically I have worshiped our mighty Solar Orb, always seeking the warmth of his mighty rays to thaw the anguish I felt inside, I felt disconnected on this lonely planet, never knowing anyone who shared my understanding of life, this, thankfully has changed. Recently I am beginning to merge with the miracle of life around me, with others who share my lust for the mysteries that surround us, swirling in waves enticing us to wake, to remember fully the powerful beings we truly are, tempting us to break free of the mindless constraints that impede our progress if we trudge blindly along in unison in a life planned out for us, a life void of inner truth. Balance was required, I was not settled changing the rhythm of my natural calling, honouring the Sun with gratitude for the powerful wisdom it bestows upon me, I needed to regain the stillness within my life, stepping back into the simple pleasures of majestic mornings and evenings of bliss, just being at peace and present at the beginning and ending of each new day..............

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great photographs and I'm glad you are feeling more centered and connected.