Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Out...........

Just out of our view, dancing on the winds of eternity, love flows in spirals, connecting the essence of us all. Every interaction, every thought, every word holds it's vibration meandering in solitude towards the bearer of its boon. Silentley bestowing upon them the gift of its intention. Sitting still enough at times I see these worms of Light, sparkling and squirming in the parting boundaries between our worlds, granting me the mesmerising confirmation of the mystical magic of the Universe as it weaves its glory around me, forever present in the Now, yet holding in its twinkling essence in the totality of forever...............

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Above The World..........

Above the world in the realm of love there is a place for us to meet.
In the quiet subdued hush that beats to the rhythm of your own open heart.
There for you to visit the truth in yourself, or in another.
Feeling Light, feeling complete, feeling All That You Are.
In honesty.
In openness.
In serenity.
No walls to climb, no veils to hide, only honesty awaits.
The company of God.............

I'm In For..............

I'm in for a LONG night!
The eyes say it all.
Where is Tamal.........

The House Is................

The house is quiet with Tamal staying overnight at the vets before his operation tomorrow. Unfortunately I leave for work too early to have taken him in the morning, so it is a night of loneliness for him.
To make him feel a little more comfortable and get a sense of home I took my bathrobe along for him to sleep on, and two of his favourite toys to play with tonight, but having said that he will be too scared for playing I feel, maybe he will just curl up in my robe and sleep............. He has brought such love and laughter into my home, he is the tiniest and yet the one with the largest energy, he fills the house with his presence. Pixie is roaming from room to room, and looking at me as if I am the bad guy, bless her. I think that we will all be glad when I collect him tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Playtime this afternoon was full on fun as usual. Tamal was the instigator as always, jumping on his sister and pretending to be a big, tough, fighting cat. Until...............
He heard the birds calling in the trees signalling the approaching sunset.
Then little Miss Pixie was left laying there mid-play wondering what she had done to end all the fun.....

Transporting Yourself............

Transporting yourself to a place of restfulness takes but a moment.
Sit, close your eyes.
Become aware of your breathing, softly falling into a gentle rhythm.
As you fall deeper into yourself move your focus to your heart.
In the restfulness of my garden, the late autumn sun falls softly on my bare shoulders, the cool whispers of the evening breeze begin to calm my senses.
Softly the light speaks to me, reassuring my spirit to embrace the purring moan of the Universe as it resonates around me.
I begin to feel heavier, the ground disappears beneath my feet, gone too is the chair, all that I sense is a Oneness, a feeling of utter clarity of all that I am.
Resting in the grasp of my beloved creator I see with renewed clearness the essence of all that surrounds me.
Light permeates through me, connecting me to the entirety of creation.
To those whom I love, as well as those sent to teach, their gift a challenge or lesson sent to provide stimulation for my soul.
Grasping at the edge of reality I cling to a moments of endless tranquility, lost and engulfed by the complexities of human life and the memory of the spirit realm.
Staying with the energy is intensifying, like electricity pumping through my veins, taking me to a heighten state of unspeakable rapture, that engulfs the wholeness of me.....................


Words can echo for eternity,
Or they can disappear like the mist on a winters morn.
If spoken from the heart, they linger, always present in the moment of Now.
Allowing the sleeping master to awaken within you.
When honesty has been taken and replaced with lies and untruths though, your heart will weep from the connection it lost, or, it can beat to the pounding vibrations of a clear connection, one of your own renewal.
Those along our pathway in life do not always come to us from a place of love and truth.
Some hide behind a facade shading the coldness within themselves to tantalise you with their cooing.
Seeing through these people is gift enough to propel you away from their insecurities and manipulations, taking you once again towards those who truly do reside in their hearts............

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Decisions are not getting any easier in relation to what books I am going to take on holiday with me.
I have come home with this armful after scouring the charity shops this afternoon, not bad, twelve for $49. Still it doesn't come close to the bargains I would get in England, but at around $4 per book I am not complaining!
Only now the trouble is I have twelve more to choose from....................

My Snug New Slippers....................

My snug new slippers, (fake fur of course!) Seeing as it the nights are getting cooler and my feet have been feeling the chill coming up from the cold tiled floor I had been hunting for just the right pair to replace my dear old faithful slippers, now gone to slipper heaven! I could not resist these tiger print ones, they are just so me! However, I am not the only one excited by their appearance. You guessed it, into everything Tamal just LOVES them. These look like fun, they even have fluffy balls dangling on them too, these are GREAT mum, thanks for buying them for me.....
I have a feeling that I will have to keep these well hidden when I am not at home as Tamal seems to think that they are his for the taking!

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Time...................

This time next week Tamal will be feeling a little sore and sorry for himself.
It is off to the vets he goes to have that delicate operation, bless his wee heart.
I shall drop him off Thursday afternoon and pick him up Friday afternoon, thus being home with him all weekend as he recuperates...............

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drifting Along....................

Drifting along, the winds of your life may at times lead you to moments of challenge.
Often the lesson is not yours.
The fear of another runs rampant thus penetrating your own tranquility in an attempt to seduce you into the drama of their choosing.
Do you walk instantly into the scenario presented to you?
To do that is to invite the fear that controls the other into your world, a vibration that no longer resonates with the tune of your soul.
Be still.
Listen to the centre of your being.
Does what you hear hold truth for you?
Does it speak of honesty and integrity?
Does it vibrate to a higher purpose?
If you live by principals of Universal law others will attempt to misalign and corrupt you, refrain from playing into the dramas of others, even those who share our intimate lives.
We all manifest what we require to propell us to the next level of awareness, some are still submerged in fear thus manifesting scenarios of suffering to enhance the growth of their soul. Allow them to live their lesson, let them feel their anguish.
Return to your own truth, knowing that all is divine, all is as it should be.
For in moments of true clarity, fear is never present......................


Enjoying a lovely relaxing Sunday morning.
Just me and my cats.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caught In A Moment.................

Caught in moment of thought about wanting to begin dance lessons.
I have wanted to learn Latin American dance for years, I think it has something to do with the sensuality of the music.
I can feel myself being lost in the rhythm as I move in unison to the music, the energy building an intensity within that I am certain will enhance my already buzzing energy levels.
Should I?
Shouldn't I?
All I have to do is pick up the phone...........
In a couple of weeks I shall begin an eight weeks beginners course of Latin American dance classes, this is the second one of my want to do list that I will have achieved this year. The first one of course was going on a holiday alone, and that too happens in a couple of weeks.
The last week has been a joyous time for me, so much has happened and so much has shifted within me.
I am now so utterly serene and happy, blessed to have the life I have, and the ability to see the gifts that the Universe grants me.
There is little that I want, and even less that I need, life is simply poetry in motion........

Contentment Comes.................

Contentment comes from witnessing the simplicity of my cats being, well, cats! Completely lost within the moment. All of Pixies attention is focused on the sounds of birds in the trees outside.
Emerged in the experience before him Tamal is without distraction as he looses himself in the sights and sounds.
My cats are wonderful teachers of acceptance.
They can highlight to anyone willing to learn, the importance of allowing others to be themselves, to see life with grace and love.
Thrown together by the woven magic of the Universe they have become companions of love in a matter of weeks.
People get too caught up in differences within each other, they hold so many prejudices about others that influence the tone of their lives, causing many to never fully witness the intimate bonds true friendship/relationships can bestow.
Hidden agendas and manipulation runs rife through all societies causing rifts and power struggles to maintain control over millions of people.
Acceptance of allowing others to be themselves is simple, it starts with accepting the beauty of yourself first.........

Watching Life................

Watching life takes me on a journey into myself, into the deep caverns of interconnectedness that surrounds me.
Lost in the quiet solitude of my heart I see, feel and listen to the beauty that is before me, always in awe of the bliss I see.
No creature or plant is less than I, we all are an aspect of each other, experiencing the self in a multitude of ways, so subtly that it is often not felt at all.
The simple elegance of a lotus bloom offers the opportunity to see in front of me what I feel occurring within.
In a moment of deep inner connection a few nights ago I saw clearly the image of a white rose turn into a white lotus blossom, its meaning clear to me now, it was a moment of inner acceleration.
A moment to the next level of my awareness.
All moments are sacred, even the ones that confuse us for a moment, times where we get caught up in the sweet seduction of words.
There is no mistakes though in this melody of life, all is perfect, whether we see this at the time or not is irrelevant, we will understand it in the end if we are in tune with ourselves.
Being in nature grants me more serenity and love more than any other interaction, the love of our creator is here, before me.
Every step is upon his body.
Every breath he enters my lungs.
Every vision he merges with my soul.
Beauty in its simplest forms is the closet thing to heaven on earth.
Images of celestial innocence radiating love to all who merge themselves with the harmony of paradise in the parks, gardens and forests of our earth.................

Friday, April 23, 2010

Peeking Out From

Peeking out from behind the veil I see what is truly important.
Love in its completeness.
In the honesty of its self and of those who are not hiding behind a false face invented to hide the falseness of who they really are.
Some thrive on dishonesty, weaving a karmic debit that will grant them the blooms of the seeds they sow.
Being together in open honesty is something very few are capable of.
Which is why I guess I prefer cats to people, they love with deep and intense affection, no lies and untruths, just pure and untainted love...............

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letting Life Be...........

Letting life be around me has given me the opportunity to grow in such a nurturing way. As I have continued to walk life to the rhythm of my own calling I have felt such a joy at what I have around me and where it is I am headed.
Today as the weather cooled as the approach of autumn appears to be closing in on us I felt a twinge of melancholy stir my heart, just fleetingly, but stir it did.
Walking into a pharmacy was what took me back to England, for a moment I was transported to the rushed lunch hour hustle and bustle in Sheffield city centre, the aromas of the perfumes and cosmetics had me close to tears as I walked deeper into the store. Memories from the recesses of my heart overwhelmed me, I struggled to maintain my composure. There I was all of a sudden strolling around the shops to stretch my legs after been cooped up in the office all morning, then at my favourite lunchtime haunt, sitting in the Winter Gardens chatting with my dearest friend.
When I went outside I suddenly felt the cooling breeze and my eyes filled with tears again, missing the familiar places, the favourite shops, and the company of some very special people.
I never know when a period of melancholy will appear, I guess none of us do, a smell or a piece of music, maybe just a glimpse of someone who reminds you of friends far away, that is all it took a familiar scent and a cooling breeze and the memories stored within my heart and the beauty that they hold within me simply exploded.
We never know when it will be the last time we will see the people that mean the most to us.
Spending time tonight being still and quiet to lay with the love that nestles within me and keeping the warmth of friendship radiating across the thousands of miles that separate us this day.................

Thought Of The Day...........

What if the gift of the Universe is never fully experienced because we retreat in to the act of over analysing the changes we have entering our lives.......

Speaking Our Truth............

Speaking our truth is a responsibility that all of us ought to adhere to, one that if expressed in a loving and open way will allow the flowing movement of energy to maintain balance in our lives, not allowing any festering emotions to bubble inside, which by leaving words unsaid can cause disharmony to enter our lives.
None of us are perfect, I know some think that they are, though they are usually the ones who live by judgement and manipulation, angry people who do not speak their truth, to anyone, let alone themselves.
To encounter someone who is willing to tell you what is truly on their mind is liberating, for me it allows me to see where I too require more releasing, or perhaps may simply need to pay more attention to my usage of words, because in the passion of a moment we can speak a word that does not often reflect an emotion within us, maybe we did not search long enough for another word to take its place, but this slip of the tongue can have devastating effects.
Language is vital, and the energy that words play in our lives can change the direction of relationships in a blink of an eye, especially if we are unable to speak in honesty about what has caused us to back off. As in all aspects of our lives, we must honour what vibrates in unison with our soul, if we feel we have heard or spoken something that does not ring true for us we must deal with it before it gets out of hand.
If you are in a loving place in your heart, you will speak and hear in love, you will not rise to anger whether your are the speaker or the listener, the exchange will be one of honesty.
Last night I had the ability to see how far I have come in this area, having used a word in a recent conversation, and after careful contemplation I have found does not resonant within me, yet still its negative echos left my lips. I did not react in a negative way on hearing that this word did not sit well with the other person, instead I found it a welcomed reminder of how fragile our relationships can be, that in a second a word can cause a relationship to change course if a misunderstanding or misinterpretation is not dealt with, thus leaving people bewildered at what went wrong.
Speak with love in your heart at all times, whether to your self or to another as each time you enter into conversation you are creating the tone of your life.........................

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What A Dilemma............

What a dilemma!
What books am I going to take on holiday?
I am all a fluster as to how many to take, and that the books will weigh more than my clothes!
I need two for the plane journeys and maybe three or four others for when I am relaxing on the beach, all day, for six whole days.
I had not really thought about my holiday for awhile, but, today the travel agent phoned to say that my travel documents were in and ready to collect, which got me thinking about it once again.
At the moment though I can not seem to focus on reading, or much else for that matter, much to preoccupied for that at present, which should make my choosing a lot easier.
Well that's my theory anyway..........................

Waking From...............

Waking from a dream I lie, content, serene in the aura of blissfulness that entwines itself around me.
Have I been with an angel?
Am I touched by the divine presence of another, who, although not present, lays with me breathing in unison with my tranquil heart.
My hand lays across my chest, it rises slowly, within I feel a rising of love, a pressure that overwhelms me with the emotions of utter joy, at the lingering memories of what moments ago was vivid and within my reach.
A hand was placed upon mine, nothing more than the connection of a hand to a heart.
No speaking, nothing, except the silent language of another soul, speaking through the pulsating rhythm from a voice in a cherished fading dream.
I can not move, not at first, too moved am I by the fierce pounding of my beating heart, at the intensity of the waves of euphoric contentment that showers me in ripples of peacefulness.
Can it be that I am not alone in my room?
Is it that The Universe has entered my humble abode beaming its thundering radiance into the cells of all that lays before it, weakened and open to the celestial offerings of its untainted core.
Take me back, I crave the joining of this energy once more, of the enchanting music that is weaving around my resting body.
As I close my eyes, again the intensity arises as the room fills with the warm pulsating energy that moments ago threatened to leave as wakefulness drew my awareness out from my dreams.
I have to return.
There is nowhere I would rather be, not anymore.
Allow me to be, laying in the womb of God as the angelic presence once again encases my soul.
If I were to leave the world at this very moment it would be in bliss.
Rapture wraps its warming caress around me, taking me back.
Back to the realms of another dimension, of a world where through being alone one connects with All That Is.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They Wonder................

They wonder.
Is life outside any better than this?
Of course it's not!
We are too use to luxury........

Looking Into.................

Looking into the cool water I see another world beneath, one of silence and of weightlessness.
Soothing and calming, the current relaxes me as my foot dangles, my mind swimming in a collection of thoughts that drift away. Obstacles may appear in life, I know, I have had my share, but, in the end they are never quite as bad as I thought they would be. Looking back into the segments of my life I see that I always had just enough to contend with, never more than I could handle, although of course at the time I would have told you differently, as I was weighed down with the burden of their load. I now feel like I am flying, gliding along in life. Gone are my worries and projections, I do not fret about anything, I seem to have found my centre after years of searching. Knowing that I could not have got to this moment any other way. I know that occasionally challenges may arise, barriers in my way, yet I know now that if I sit and be, waiting awhile to see what it is that this lesson is here to teach me, that the open waters of freedom will never be far away..............

Slowly Sinking...............

Slowly sinking, ending another day, the golden glow of amber bathes me in tranquility.
Glimpses of luscious rapture so subtle, yet intensely moving shower me. Being here at the edge of the world as the sun departs is a journey I make everyday if possible, to feel the arising feminine energy as the moon takes over, watching me.
One is at all times walking with the beloved, is always held close to the centre of the fire of eternal love, yet, unless you still the chattering of the noisy world around you, you will never here the song of our creator........................