Thursday, March 25, 2010


Walking in gratitude of my life, the story that has woven its way through time giving me the ability to see that I am at One with all.
Time is needed to explore the interconnectedness of the Universe, to know without reservation that am a segment of the divine encased in this mortal body.
Feeling the wet sand beneath my feet, each step the fine sand massaging yesterdays energy from my tender skin, leaving it free, pure, refreshed.
Knowing that each cell of my skin that is in contact with each particle of sand entwines our essences together, as we reconnect for a second in time.
As the water crashes on the shore the spray freshens my face, merging with me as the wind dances through my hair.
There is nothing separate from me.
I am separate from no other.
We are all interwoven through the magical threads of Light the shimmer throughout the Universe whether we are aware of it or not............

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