Thursday, March 04, 2010

Waking From A Dream...........

Waking from a dream, the fragments of the encounter lingering just outside my awareness, I sense the love penetrating the core of my being, caressing, calling, soothing.
Where is it I ventured to?
The journey so loving, so deeply moving that my waking soul requests that I recall what happened, urging me to return promptly to the place where I had just been. On the periphery of my senses I feel what was shared, I want to return to the realms I have just retreated from, to entwine once again with the sensuality that I have just experienced, but sleep eludes me now, it waits tempting me with heavy lids but an unwillingness to give in to the echo I hear in my soul.
Who was it I was with?
I saw no face but I knew their soul, so real was the experience that I still feel his hand as it left mine.
I was aware I was leaving as the waking world pulled me back, I felt my reluctance to depart, yet still the urge to wake pressed me on to enter this world once more. Left feeling depleted, yet fulfilled I wait for a chance to return to the one who captured my hand and was able to share the Universe with me in such a simple gesture.
Perhaps it is a sign that things are about to change, that the hand that moved me to levels of love as yet not experienced in the waking realm is to in fact manifest before me.................


Jaky Astik said...

Life is a dream, anyway.

Gemel said...

Yes it is Jaky, we walk between the two realms, parts of us lingering in each..