Monday, March 29, 2010

Synchronicity Was...........

Synchronicity was flowing in my life this morning, once again highlighting to me that when the moment is right, well, anything is possible!
Having changed jobs recently to another care agency I was promised an increase in my weekly hours, which was music to my ears having struggled to make ends meet on one wage.
Trouble was that I indicated that I would like to specialise in high care clients which cut my hours back dramatically, as most of this care is attended to in the evenings, I had finally got to the point where I was actually wondering how I was going to make ends meet.
I was only working 25 hours a week and things were getting shall we say tight!
Also, my family was not happy with me doing a night round, they were concerned for me wandering around alone at night, and thought that I ought to think about returning to days.
Pressure was coming from all around.
So, after talking to the Universe at great lengths over the last few weeks as I splashed my way along the beach on my morning walks I decided that today was the day that I approach my coordinator to see what could be done to assist my situation.
As it happens I had been the topic of conversation at work this morning, a new round has opened up and they thought that I would be perfect for the job, and it is starting with 30 hours per week with scope to add another ten, which would bring it up to 40, hallelujah, and it happens to be a day round too!
Of course I had to wait until today to step into my synchronicity, any time sooner or later would have seen circumstances change, maybe not being in favour of what I desired.
I will be glad to return to being a day person, I have missed seeing the dawn break everyday, I felt that I was totally out of sync by missing the breaking of each new day, I simply have not been me!
Again I have seen that asking for what I require and then allowing time for a solution to appear always provides me with the best outcome for me.
There never is any need to worry, the Universe takes care of its self, and we are all a part of the Universe...............


Natalie said...

I say great! Love the new look too, it's gorgeous. :)

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good one! Ask...and eventually, it does appear. Or maybe it appears instantaneously!