Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sleep Eludes Me..........

Sleep eludes me once again.
Still exhausted from a sleepless night last night, again I find myself pulled from slumber, shattered, yet unable to return to the realms of sleep.
I have nothing on my mind that causes me concern.
The weather has cooled which invites snuggling beneath the covers.
Still I lie wake.
I sense there are changes on the horizon, new beginnings are weaving their way towards me, their energy presenting me with restless nights as I attune to their vibrations.
Cleansing takes place in many ways, of late I have been finding that I have pulled away from so many people, spending my time alone, wondering where it is my path is leading me.
It is, I find quite bewildering, in a world full of people I have very few around me that I can relate to.
Out of all the millions in the world I fail to find many in my immediate vicinity that can stimulate my senses, captivate my heart, and enjoy as I do, the simple pleasures that life offers us.
I have many who find themselves miles away in physicality, although in spirit they are kin to my heart, through the Internet we communicate, support and grow, yet those I require in mortal form still evade me.
Sensing a flowering of life emerging on the vista just ahead of me fills me with anticipation of exciting new encounters and adventures just hovering in the distance, waiting for the precise time for them to enter my world.
I am making a concerted effort to find new places to go, new activities to try, with doing so I trust I will prompt the shift I sense and that will quicken the arrival of all that is coming my way..............


Anonymous said...

Oh Gem! Why must we live so far apart??!! :o(

We could have such fun - 2 single ladies and a whole world to conquer - ha ha!!! :o)


Ronda Laveen said...

It is true that changing vibrations and shifts can cause interruption of cycles. Here, the moon has just finihed its full cycle. I have trouble sleeping during its reign.

Spirit looks absolutely comfortable and in charge.

Melissa said...

Hi Gemel

Could be the shift of the earth. Expectations of New Spring vibrations. A lot going on in the world and you are probably sensitive to it.

Hope you find rest. I went through a similar episode over the summer. I didn't think I would ever rest again, but it came back. Hope yours does soon. :)