Friday, March 12, 2010

Sitting Alone................

Sitting alone this morning contemplating fragments of my dream last night.
It whispers to me, alluring me into a thoughtfulness.
A place which resides in the recesses of my mind, hiding in the shadows of daylight just out of reach of my waking mind.
Feeling the emotions that linger from this dream has awakened me.
The glimpse that I had was enough to show me the promise of what is yet to come, of what will be.
Have you ever known someone so briefly, yet so intimately that they change you forever?
I met such a person a few months ago, one that was not to stay in my life, yet their energy transformed me completely.
In my dream last night there they were, reminding me of what it is life is capable of achieving.
Their departure left me feeling depleted, lost, lonely, even though I knew on a soul level our time was brief.
It was the closet thing to being with god that I have ever experienced
And that is a gift that shall not be forgotten....
Reminders of this energy is everywhere... In the clouds
The sand
The sea
It will never leave me................


Jaky Astik said...

Me too!

Natalie said...

You will get will. :)

Tamarind~ said...

Wow.. a brook originated from heart. I flowed along. Fabulously painted!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

It is with compassion that we realize and accept some souls we know only fleeting and some are here to stay. And it is interesting that the fleeting ones stay with us longer in memory than anyone else. It is hard to let go of the physical form and even harder to let go of the memory that remains. -Jayne

Melissa said...

love to yo Gemel, your words go through me and teach me.