Monday, March 08, 2010

The Road.......

The road stretches out before me, a quiet Sunday morning sees the frantic traffic of the weekdays cease for a few hours while people ease into their day.
Have you ever thought about the risk you take each time you venture out in your car?
Do you realise that each of us who drives is in complete control a of lethal weapon?
We have become blind to the power we have within our control, that in any moment our life or the life of another could be taken or irretrievably changed forever with one moment of error. Cars have become reflections of the self for many, they are not viewed as dangerous pieces of machinery that can kill in a second of distraction. As people extend their personalities through to decoration and personalisation of their four wheel abode, it is becoming increasingly apparent that aggression, bullying and superiority are ruling our roads. I drive a little Getz, which for me is enough, it is small and economical, but in the land of the four wheel drive, and high powered exhaust blaring sports cars it is viewed as a nuisance. I am convinced that the drivers of these 'better' 'faster' cars forget that there is someone inside my car as I travel the roads, no, all they see is a pathetic little blimp of a car in their way, and doing the speed limit for goodness sake! I have to have my wits about me constantly especially seeing my job is visiting the elderly in their homes, I am on the roads a lot. Having seen the remains of several bad accidents in the last few days I wish I could reach those who challenge the rules of the road and the throw-away societies we are now living in. Has it now come to the stage where people that are not in our inner circle are now disposable too? Have many people forgotten that within the other cars that travel the motorways and highways throughout the world are living, breathing, REAL people, just like them. They have families and emotions just like them, that it is not just a robot inside driving the car, it is someone that could be killed within an instant if they continue to drive too fast. Ownership is taking on an extension from just the house that displays the status of many, now it is also including owning the road one travels, personalities become out of control once behind the wheel of their cars, they feel that everyone should get out of their way, that stop signs and red lights mean nothing to them, overtaking whenever they feel like it is a right the self absorbed use at will. If we could only return to a place of respect. Respecting the honour of this unique life we lead and the lives of those around us...........

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