Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pathways Of Life............

Pathways of life spread out before us offering us never ending opportunities of personal growth, avenues to expand the complexities of life that ravel their way around us, surrounding us with endless chances to reinvent our life story, instead of staying stuck in the barrage of suffering that many feel safe to reside in.
Leaving a part of your journey behind is a harrowing choice to make, yet from this initial step of independence comes a quickening, moments that will lead you on a journey full of altered scenarios that will enhance your life, if only you are willing to embark on the passage before you.
Stepping away from the comfort of the safe choice, the one where although many basic needs are met, yet you struggle with your own identify as you dance to the tunes of an others rhythm, leaving you empty and void. Taking the chance to stand alone is not easy, it means being responsible for everything, initializing your own power, freeing you from control and manipulation.
Being free to be me has been the most challenging, yet, invigorating chapter of my life thus far. I have begun to evolve into the someone who lay slumbering within wearing a mask that hid my true identity, as I simply existed.
Having met a woman on the weekend who highlighted how far I had come in these brief months of freedom brought home to me the full impact of my decision to go it alone. She made the right noises and played the part well, yet her eyes were void of happiness. Many hold the vows they take so closely to their heart that it snuffs all life out of the bodies, they endure pain, suffering and sadness endlessly because they feel that they cannot let god down. But what sort of god would allow the subjugation of those whose light has dulled, why would a being of supreme love and peace demand such a thing?
God is love.
God did not write the books of religion that govern our world and the lives of those who follow their teachings.
He created us all equal, with free will to follow the inner urgings of our own stirring hearts, to free our soul from the shackles that bind us, tempting us to step into the virgin terrain of inner power, where we are able to truly be free, just as he intended us to be....


Natalie said...

Beautifully said, Gemel.So true.
I believe the idea of 'marriage'in it's purest sense, is not to subjugate,but rather walk side by side on a journey together.
Each soul would be complete in their own right, and free to choose for themselves, but not at the other's expense.
It is rare, but not impossible to achieve this. I believe that with more and more people becoming 'aware', it will become more common to expect such a divine union here on the Earth plane.
That being said, there is nothing more fulfilling than basking in the 'oneness' with your own soul.♥

wv = resses

Cathy said...

Your writings are thought provoking and beautifully written too.

Jaky Astik said...

Well, yes. But can't think of anything more, or ask for.

Crazeebee747 said...

Beautiful post Gemel.

I love the part about safe choices. Many of us choose that path of safety. Nothing wrong with wanting safety in my opinion.

The challenge was always the place from where it felt safe or the basis for feeling safe in any circumstance! If I am safe in having the basic comforts around me and certainty of an outcome, then that is a shakeable foundation. But safety in the universal intelligence and that God provides as I journey opens a whole other way to live :)