Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Am........

I am a flower, blooming for the first time.
The transition into my next episode in life has seen a blossoming of my self, I feel as if I have shed a skin, an aspect of me left behind, floating away as I stride ahead towards my tomorrows.
Leaving behind what I no longer require seems to be the ingredient for my inner calm, when I verbalise my intent to maintain truthfulness to myself, I am instinctively shedding all that invites disharmony within my life. I have always thought that our lives are spent dancing to the tunes of others, we are expected to spend our lives doing what is deemed correct by the powers that be, leaving us little, if any time for the true purpose of our life.
Inner awakening.
I had found myself, like many I expect, forced into a life of meaningless drudgery, doing what it was that was expected of me, rather than what I wished for myself.
As I expose the true essence of me a little more each day I am leaving behind all that does not serve me any longer.
Since my new chapter has began I have been re balancing my body, each day brings with it a new me, one that is becoming whole, free, content.
The unsettled feelings I get arise from my need to break completely free of programed thinking that modern society promotes. I do not wish to follow mutely trudging along in a deadpan trance thinking that life is about working the nine to five drudgery.
No, instead I wish to experience life.
I want to feel my heart sing as it did last night, watching the last rays of the Sun fade from view, my soul rejoicing at the vista before me, raising my vibration to one of gratitude to have seen such a spectacular moment in the quiet confines of my car.
There at the traffic lights in between clients I was with god.
Captivated completely by a vision of utter exquisiteness that I felt myself ignite with such passion I felt I may explode from the potency as the radiance poured into me.
I have slept long enough, I have been a obedient robot long enough, now is the time to embrace me, to be me, to free me.
There is an yearning bubbling within the depth of me, as it grows it warms me, filling me with love and inspiration to denounce the restrictions that hold me lingering in a world of humdrum boredom, it beckons me to follow the call of my heart as my soul entices me into the glory of what can be.................

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