Friday, March 19, 2010

And Then There Were Three.......

And then there were three.
Well, almost!
Tomorrow I am going to have a second look at another rescue kitten.
Left with his four brothers and sisters in a box in a pine forest not far from here, near death they were saved by a passing motorbike rider. He phoned the Cat Haven (where I got Pixie from,) to see if they would take them, they said that they would, although they would euthanize them immediately.
Feeling like like he was letting the kittens down the man took them to the cattery I visited yesterday, the owner took them on and now there are only two who do not have homes, Scrappy and Angel.
My family and friends say that three would be a crowd, that Pixie and Spirit would be jealous, and that two cats are enough for me.
But, me?
Well I guess tomorrow will tell!
I think that three is a lucky combination,
the holy trinity,
as the Egyptians would say;
All are one.......

1 comment:

Ronda Laveen said...

Me? I think you should take both of them. I'm like that with dogs. Thank goodness the husband only looks at me funny when I drag them home with their tale of woe.

Then, after giving me the evil eye for just a moment, picks them up and never says another word.

Bless that man. When I'm mad at him, I have to remind myself of all his little, and not so little, tolerances of my choices.