Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Finding the balance within, gives you balance with out.
Taking the time to connect with the magic inside offers more than moments of serenity......

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pixie Has Decided...........

Pixie has decided that having a baby brother isn't that bad after all! She now has someone to chase after around the house, asserting her female authority it seems.
Tamal is small enough to hide under many things her ladyship can't so often stays put long enough to think over where his next burst of energy will take him.
I have no time to be lonely these days, not with two feline balls of energy and their antics to keep me entertained day and night.
All we need now is for Spirit to join in the fun, although after his big day/night/day/ night out he is sleeping peacefully in another room while these two run riot through the house.
Maybe soon he will lower himself to play with his two immature siblings and have a relapse into kittenhood.............

He's Back.............

He's back, thank you Universe!
I would rather he be a indoor cat like his siblings, but, Spirit is a little on the wild side, comes from his last owners just leaving him I guess, bless him, having to fend for himself all of a sudden has left its mark upon him.
I do get concerned as things happen to cats around here, especially at night, I will be glad to move away to our own house where they will be able to go outside but be safe from harm and cruel people that linger around looking for cats wandering at night.
The local cray fishermen are the main concern of cat owners in the area, and I am not going to tell you what they do.
Anyway my boy is home, was starving, I put all three dinners out and he pushed everyone else out of the way and ate the lot.
Must have had a lot of fun, that's all I can say!!

My Boy Spirit...............

My boy Spirit has not been home for over 24 hours.
We are all a little concerned as to where he is.
I have done the drive around the roads looking for him, thankfully I have not seen him lying hurt or worse on the side of the road.
All we can do is wait and hope that he has just enjoyed himself a little too much and is sleeping off the effects of his roaming..........

Becoming Tolerant.................

Becoming tolerant of each other Pixie and Tamal were enjoying the morning by playing with a ball on my bed... They took turns in possession of the ball, Pixie always preferring to remain a safe distance away from Tamal as he tends to get just a little enthusiastic! In a week they have slowly begun to build a new relationship, Pixie was very put out when this little waif came home with her mummy, she was not impressed at all...
Now though they are sharing a ball at playtime, and also playing hide and seek throughout the house much to my amusement...
This time next week I could come home from work to see them cuddled up to each other, stranger things have happened!

Our Path In Life.......

Our path in life can take us on an inspiring journey of personal awakening, or it can leave us slumbering in the world of drama, dysfunction, anger and manipulation. Life will reflect to you outwardly what is resonating within you internally. Not all of us are willing to look at what we are, or how we are, it is difficult to look at yourself to know that it is only you who is creating the hassles within your life. I know this from my own experience to walk away from people and situations that reflected parts of myself that I wished to transcend, seeing the lesson was the beginning of true healing to take place. Others will often resent you for standing in your own power, as to walk a life in dedication to your personal happiness is confronting to those who wish to manipulate and control you. Relationships can be based on so many artificial conditions that it can take you awhile to see past the subtleties and into the lesson that lies lurking behind the dramas that surround you, once you do though, life becomes amazing. Going it alone has been the most freeing and liberating time of my life, I now know that I owe no one a thing, I do not have endure intimidation, guilt, anger, blame or any other negative energy from anyone. I also know that if someone no longer benefits my personal story, then it is my prerogative to walk away. I have in the past kept in contact with people who I felt sorry for and therefore felt that I should see them as they had no one else, trouble was that these people had lessons of their own to learn and they were not willing to open up to themselves and do the hard inner work. I remember feeling drained and depleted while in their company, becoming aware of this made me realise that it was time to walk away. I now understand that the torment that I put my self through in regards to others was a lesson I needed to overcome, if friendships inspire guilt, need or any other obligations then a friendship is not what you have. Any relationship that has rules and regulations attached to it is one based on negativity, and that is a place which no longer feel comfortable for me. My closest friends and I can go months without contact with no animosity held towards each other, this I believe is how healthy relationships should be. As I forge along on my road to inner freedom I realise that I owe no one anything, each of us are in control of our own destiny and personal growth. Life always reflects back to us where we are on our own journey. In the last 48 hours or so I have had confirmation of choosing the right road. Two encounters from people from the past that I had chosen to break free from have highlighted my choice for only harmonious and enlighten people to be apart of my world, validating for me that I made the right choice...........

Monday, March 29, 2010

Synchronicity Was...........

Synchronicity was flowing in my life this morning, once again highlighting to me that when the moment is right, well, anything is possible!
Having changed jobs recently to another care agency I was promised an increase in my weekly hours, which was music to my ears having struggled to make ends meet on one wage.
Trouble was that I indicated that I would like to specialise in high care clients which cut my hours back dramatically, as most of this care is attended to in the evenings, I had finally got to the point where I was actually wondering how I was going to make ends meet.
I was only working 25 hours a week and things were getting shall we say tight!
Also, my family was not happy with me doing a night round, they were concerned for me wandering around alone at night, and thought that I ought to think about returning to days.
Pressure was coming from all around.
So, after talking to the Universe at great lengths over the last few weeks as I splashed my way along the beach on my morning walks I decided that today was the day that I approach my coordinator to see what could be done to assist my situation.
As it happens I had been the topic of conversation at work this morning, a new round has opened up and they thought that I would be perfect for the job, and it is starting with 30 hours per week with scope to add another ten, which would bring it up to 40, hallelujah, and it happens to be a day round too!
Of course I had to wait until today to step into my synchronicity, any time sooner or later would have seen circumstances change, maybe not being in favour of what I desired.
I will be glad to return to being a day person, I have missed seeing the dawn break everyday, I felt that I was totally out of sync by missing the breaking of each new day, I simply have not been me!
Again I have seen that asking for what I require and then allowing time for a solution to appear always provides me with the best outcome for me.
There never is any need to worry, the Universe takes care of its self, and we are all a part of the Universe...............

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Morning Playtime.............

Morning playtime for Tamal was hilarious to watch. His favourite toy, a blue furry ball had his complete attention as he spent half an hour of acrobatic antics chasing it about my bedroom.
Lost in his own world of wonder Tamal is a perfect example of living in the moment.
Nothing could distract him as he lost himself in the joy of playing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Past Came.........

The past came calling this morning via an early morning phone call, a place that had not been visited in a long time, a very, very, long time.
In a different place, in what now seems a different life I was entangled in a world of violence, abuse, manipulation and instability, a place that although at the time was a harrowing experience, it was also these same horrendous times that enhanced my inner growth.
To be taken back if only for a moment to these raging tormented times was a deeply poignant encounter, one that has left me eternally grateful for the escape I made all those years ago.
Out of nowhere I knew that if I did not leave the life I was held captive by then the chances of me surviving were not good. All of a sudden one particular day I found the power to walk away, to say no I am not doing this any longer, I can say no.
Since then I have walked a long and extremely emotional road, one that has me where I am now, safe, free and happy, no longer living in fear of what each day would bring, of fresh injuries that I became expert at concealing, I hid so much, looking back though, there were people there to help, all I had to do was ask. But asking for help when you are terrified of what the repercussions would be preempts the outcome, I know the feelings of fists to skin far too well, it was easier to live in fear than to endure worse than I already was.
With the return of this energy this morning I seem to have made yet another profound step in my journey of life, something inside of me seems to have altered as I listened to the madness I was hearing, I have not been around this behaviour for many years and to be visited by it again was somewhat confronting, yet as I listened I knew that I was now safe. Nothing can harm me any longer, I will only be afraid if I give into the fear.
Fear is not something that I harbour within my life any more, I no longer need the familiar arms of brutality to encase me in its circle of destruction, it is no longer welcomed within my world. I dance to the rhythms of a gentler melody these days, and it appears that intimidation will not work any longer.
In days gone by I would have begun to become embroiled in the drama as it unfolded, not today however, I remained calm, detached and steadfast in my own radiant power, a inner store of core strength that has taken a long time to achieve, there was no way I was going to be thrown of course.
The universe weaves its web of synchronicity throughout our lives with great precision, and of this I was aware as this mornings play unfolded around me, there is always a unique and promising lesson in a moment of violence or madness, most of the time we don't see it as we are too caught up in the heat of the moment to view the gift as it is given, yet, there it was drifting in the atmosphere, hovering, waiting for that split second of recognition that will ignite its healing purpose.
Today I am proud to say I saw it, I felt it, I have done the hard work, now comes the passage to peace.............

It Is Not........

It is not always easy to speak your truth, but, I have learnt that there is no other way. Sometimes the Universe will orchestrate a situation to occur that will prompt a conversation or interaction with another testing your dedication to your path. Sometimes it is okay to stand by and watch, as it maybe that you are just being shown how much you have let go of, yet other times you find that the words have to be spoken to release the burden of your heart. Whenever words of truth are spoken they will ignite a response from not only us, but also others who are in need of growth. It is these powerful moments that can shatter the invisible chains that keep us bound to others in dysfunctional relationships.
In all encounters it always pays to speak directly from your heart......

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pixie Feels........

Pixie feels that this little Easter chicken is a better play companion than her new brother.
While Spirit, well, he is spending more and more time outside, giving me that "I am not impressed" stare!
Until he calls me for a tummy tickle that is!
And Tamal, bless him has decided if I am not on hand for a cuddle then it is the teddy bears that add that touch of much needed warmth....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tamal Is..............

Tamal is into everything, nothing is sacred in his young energetic eyes, everything is viewed as a toy to be played with to entertain his increasing search for fun things to do. I think that Pixie is starting to come around, they have slept on the bed three nights in a row, so that is promising, as for playing with her new younger brother, I think that she is a little frightened of this flash of black and white that zooms around the house.
Luckily he entertains himself and me for that matter, although I think that this little chap is going to be extremely independent, he explores night and day, patrolling his new abode looking for new places to jump out and surprise his sister, much to her anxiety.
Trying to keep him still enough for photos is a feat in its self, as he has a particular interest in the silly black box in front of my face..............


Walking in gratitude of my life, the story that has woven its way through time giving me the ability to see that I am at One with all.
Time is needed to explore the interconnectedness of the Universe, to know without reservation that am a segment of the divine encased in this mortal body.
Feeling the wet sand beneath my feet, each step the fine sand massaging yesterdays energy from my tender skin, leaving it free, pure, refreshed.
Knowing that each cell of my skin that is in contact with each particle of sand entwines our essences together, as we reconnect for a second in time.
As the water crashes on the shore the spray freshens my face, merging with me as the wind dances through my hair.
There is nothing separate from me.
I am separate from no other.
We are all interwoven through the magical threads of Light the shimmer throughout the Universe whether we are aware of it or not............

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pathways Of Life............

Pathways of life spread out before us offering us never ending opportunities of personal growth, avenues to expand the complexities of life that ravel their way around us, surrounding us with endless chances to reinvent our life story, instead of staying stuck in the barrage of suffering that many feel safe to reside in.
Leaving a part of your journey behind is a harrowing choice to make, yet from this initial step of independence comes a quickening, moments that will lead you on a journey full of altered scenarios that will enhance your life, if only you are willing to embark on the passage before you.
Stepping away from the comfort of the safe choice, the one where although many basic needs are met, yet you struggle with your own identify as you dance to the tunes of an others rhythm, leaving you empty and void. Taking the chance to stand alone is not easy, it means being responsible for everything, initializing your own power, freeing you from control and manipulation.
Being free to be me has been the most challenging, yet, invigorating chapter of my life thus far. I have begun to evolve into the someone who lay slumbering within wearing a mask that hid my true identity, as I simply existed.
Having met a woman on the weekend who highlighted how far I had come in these brief months of freedom brought home to me the full impact of my decision to go it alone. She made the right noises and played the part well, yet her eyes were void of happiness. Many hold the vows they take so closely to their heart that it snuffs all life out of the bodies, they endure pain, suffering and sadness endlessly because they feel that they cannot let god down. But what sort of god would allow the subjugation of those whose light has dulled, why would a being of supreme love and peace demand such a thing?
God is love.
God did not write the books of religion that govern our world and the lives of those who follow their teachings.
He created us all equal, with free will to follow the inner urgings of our own stirring hearts, to free our soul from the shackles that bind us, tempting us to step into the virgin terrain of inner power, where we are able to truly be free, just as he intended us to be....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free To Be.........

Free to be, that is what life is about.
Each and every one of us, no matter what skin we wear, what language we speak, what continent we live on, what breed we are.
As the seagulls soar above me, as they pass by me I feel our interconnectedness, our bond of unspoken kinship, much more than I do with other humans that share my world. The supreme marriage that joins us all vibrates its fellowship to me as walk alone.
Splendor is held within the simplicity of nature, these gentle beings emit strands of ethereal radiance that mingles with my own heavenly essence.
Taking time to stand in the stillness of a moment will grant you treasures no amount of money can buy, it bestows upon you a knowing that enhances your life in ways words can not convey.
Step into the hushed chambers of your heart as you commune with nature, for there it is that you will be joined with god......

Tamal Is..........

Tamal is a bundle of fun, plus this little feline is too cute for words, both in personality and looks.
Spirit and Pixie don't agree with me mind.
No, they are none to pleased with their mother presently.
Tamal is not bothered in the slightest, he has far more important things to do.
Like playing. With everything and anything, there are no exceptions as he zooms around the house in gay abandon. I do not mind though as he is such a gentle wee soul that the love within his tiny body radiates like a beacon, he glows with such innocent purity I feel sure he is an angel..........

And Come It Did...............

And come it did with such ferocity that the city was in chaos.
The stillness of the morning foretold of the turbulence to come.
The clouds this morning hold too a hint of menace as they shimmer with the twinkling sparkle of the suns early rays.
Evidence of the deluge is everywhere, ravines etched into the sand, dents on my car where large hail stones bombarded the earth as I headed towards work, trees felled in the height of her wrath. As I drove I felt the power of Mother Natures sting, the full force of her relentless onslaught bearing down on us, cleansing another part of her tarnished face, preparing for the coming new world age. A re balancing of all before we can embrace the aquarian age. Feelings overwhelm me this morning as I walk, sensing how I, a mere speck on the face of my mother, walk, aware of her energy it surrounds me everywhere. Again the ocean is calm, the ominous silence signals that all is not well, brewing on the horizon is yet another installment of yesterdays brutal lashing. The sand blasting my naked legs as I walk reminding me of the power of the Universe, of how minute I am, we are. Those here in this little isolated city feel they are immune to the antics of our supreme mother, as natural disasters are not known to have taken place here before. Perhaps she has other ideas, as the world climate changes constantly leaving the human inhabitants left bewildered and battered by her intense efforts to cleanse..............