Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Are...........

We are all afraid to bare our soul, to stand naked to the world showing our vulnerability, the gentle side of us that radiates the warm glow of the God/dess within.
We hide our true self under cloaks that disguise the authentic beauty we all have.
In an age where plastic people are deemed beautiful, where the outer cover is more important than the state of the soul, I wonder what it is many people think this life is all about.
To be with your Self, alone, open and vulnerable to the innocence that radiates from you is a journey that can illuminate the most closed heart.
The courage it takes to look within your Self, to visit the core of your anxiety is a task not many wish to embark on, sadly, many miss the fruits of such a liberating experience...



beautifully said, gemel - truthfully said, as well - yes, a world of plastic people masked by all those artificial layers of unimportance!

Anonymous said...

The soul has become so buried for so many, that they have forgotten what it Feels like to be Alive.

Happy Trails to you too Gemel.

We are flying to Alabama tonight to begin our new and ongoing Journey.

And it was an orb in the photo. It was the only one we captured outside while on the trail. It was fun to see it there watching over me.

Ronda Laveen said...

So true, Gemel. Loved the photo.

Melissa said...

Your strikingly beautiful.

I hide behind my cloaks in so many ways, the real me haunts me in my dreams to come out and be who I really want to be. Your words only help solidify how I feel.

Thank you for being so true.

Love to you.

Jaky Astik said...

Ah, beautiful!