Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Water Has..............

The water has been calling me.
Walking by the oceans edge was not enough, no, it sang to me, yearning for me to return to the cleansing waters that caress my feet as I amble along.
It had been a long time since I swam, not just a dip to refresh myself on a sultry day, but to swim for fitness, so heeding the call I have now returned to the water four times or so per week.
The feeling of wellness I sense since returning to the water has been apparent from the first day, I am feeling far more alive.
Cleansed of the weariness that the day stacks upon me, relaxed and mellow no matter what I encounter, any negativity simply washes away from me.
I shall relish the freedom to enjoy the ocean while the weather still permits, of course being mindful of the strong currents that can drag you out if you venture too far from the shore in these treacherous seas.
I feel free, yet, so insignificant as I laze about in the waves as they pound their way to the beach, such a powerful force the ocean is, brutal and soothing all at once.
No wonder the healing benefits of sea water is so cathartic, it is as if for an hour or so I return to the womb of my mother, to be nourished and embraced by Mother Nature herself....

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Nancy said...

What a wonderful thing to do!