Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Quietly Standing.........

Quietly standing in the stillness of the morning
Breathing in unison with the Earth as she wakes, slowly.
No rustling leaves to interrupt my view of the moon as it glides into the horizon towards another night, in another land far away.
Dawn brings with it a promise each day, of new vibrant energy to offer its renewal as an opportunity for growth, yet the slumbering do not see the magnitude of this gift as the closed eyes of the sleepwalkers promote a closed heart.
Within the beginning of a fresh day I have the ability to create all I desire as an act of love, for the actions and words that escape from me are like brushstrokes on a virgin canvas, as is the beauty of every dawn.
No two are the same, the colours are mixed with a different magic each morn, all offer the freshness of purity, because each moment is sparkling with the intensity of the heavens, if only more humans could see that each moment holds the same mystery for each of us.

Moments have the capacity to encourage self renewal and growth, there is no need to stay stuck within the blackness of a darken heart, when the opportunity to expand into the glory of wellness awaits us all. Taking control of the health of your body/mind will have you discover the enthralling fantasy of real life, things that really matter,


sitting silent as dawn breaks

lone walks along the beach

stroking a cats silky fur

feeling the water cleanse you as you shower.

Nature gives us the greatest gifts in all the world for free

if only we stand still enough to see them.......


Ronda Laveen said...

Perhaps staying still and noticing is one of the hardest things to do. Lovely photographs.

Nancy said...

Very nice, Gemel, and so very true.

Melissa said...

beautiful photographs. The best things in life are free.

Anonymous said...

"The virgin Canvas"

This says it all....
Where life is brand new Always...