Saturday, January 09, 2010

What If...................

What if yesterday was a dream?
And today, well, today too is a woven spell of wants and needs creating your inner thoughts and aspirations.
But I did not ask for these struggles you say, I crave the security of peace, and love, why do I plod along in this harsh life of continued hardship and suffering?
Because you do not heed the calling, the whispers deep within that beckon you home to the silence of your pulsating essence that beams forth the real you, the divine aspect of the Creator that sings to you, every moment of your life.
Always there, waiting for the homecoming of your stranded soul, searching for the flicker of your floundering heart, searching for the explosion of your awakening light, illuminating the rebirth of your true Self, the immortal Soul of your radiating inner purity.
Leave the illusion of the human story you portray, remember the magic of your true identity, recall and rejoice in the innocence of you.
And the acceptance of your mortal incarnation, you are not the body you energise, it is simply as shell, to house your soul as you experience the emotions and feelings of the human form.
Return to the stillness of your glorious Creator,
The place of darkness
Of silence so loud it penetrates every cell of your Being.
Stay with it
Within the confines of this solitude you will be returned to the breast of the Universe..................

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Jaky Astik said...

Gem.! Relax. I can't read it all altogether. And I dont want to miss any moments. Please :)