Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once In Awhile...............

Once in awhile I manage to capture a perfect moment, a reflection of purity, this I feel is one such moment.
The essence of an angel connecting with the eyes of her brother seconds before her playtime last night. Gazing at this image fills me with stillness, I feel so connected to the powerful energy that radiates throughout the Universe through the connection of one little cat, glimpses such as this happen constantly yet in our distraction with living our life we often fail to witness such angelic moments that appear endlessly before our blinded eyes.
It takes but a second to pause and breathe,
to lift our eyes heavenward to watch the flight of a bird,
the wind teasing the leaves on the trees,
the graceful dance of drifting clouds, silently meandering across the vast blue sky.
Moments of innocence have the profound ability to take us back to our self, showing us the reality that life is really all about, the natural serenity of a gift given long ago, of a world that if more of us took the time to visit perhaps we would begin to heal our ravaged Earth M0ther...............

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Marlene said...

Beautiful post Gem! and you did capture a special moment in time with your lens...There is something soothing to me when I watch how they connect..the invisible communication they have between each other...Pixy is really beautiful..